The Chronicles of Pukupai

The Chronicles of Pukupai by [Chakraborty, Bijit]

Pukupai yearns for adventure, and nothing seems to deter him from seeking it. When given the opportunity to set sail on the open water, Pukupai jumps at the opportunity and brings along his cousin and friends. Their somewhat misguided adventure takes them to places they never dreamed and brings them face to face with creatures and beings they could not possibly have imagined. Their guide on this journey has a unique personality, is knowledgeable, and fears nothing. Will Pukupai and his comrades reach their ultimate goal or will they pay the ultimate price?

The Chronicles of Pukupai, by Bijit Chakraborty, details the exceptionally perilous journey undertaken by young Pukupai and his friends. They are bold, fearless, and want adventure so badly that they risk everything in order to gain it. When Tang makes the offer to lead them toward the opportunity of a lifetime, the little troop takes him up on it without a second thought.

Written with young adults in mind, this story has everything readers of adventures will appreciate. The overarching story line is peppered with brief but fascinating encounters with fantastic creatures and amazing beings. Each of these mini-plots catches readers off guard and provides for nice breaks in the longer and more drawn out plot. As a teacher, I can say with ease that Pukupai’s story would make a great read aloud as it keeps readers on their toes. There is some new peril around every corner.

My one concern with The Chronicles of Pukupai is the length of some of the paragraphs. There are some lengthy passages that could use breaking up for the sake of clarity. Otherwise, the author has done a wonderful job of transitioning from chapter to chapter and from scene to scene.

Even with a handful of grammar and punctuation concerns, I can easily see Pukupai and his band of travelers becoming beloved characters in children’s literature and young adult fiction.

Pages: 136 | ASIN: B083TPDLBN

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  1. Sounds like my kind of story!!


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