Conflict On The Yangtze

Conflict on the Yangtze (The Warramunga Series Book 4) by [Kater, Greg]

This is the fourth book in the Warramunga series. We follow ex-army officer Jamie Munro, and his friend Jack O’Brien aka Jacko, an intelligent half aborigine as they go on a critical operation in Yangtze. Jamie Munro is his usual self. He is skilled, has a sharp eye and always ready to take risks. Jacko, on the other hand, is good at drawing plans and strategizing. The pair leads others as they head out to investigate and help stop an opium smuggling operation that is taking place around the Yangtze River.

The journey towards Yangtze River is risky. Not everyone supports Munro’s mission and this calls for attacks from criminals and other bad guys. Their junk boat gets attacked by bandits, the team gets shot at, and they sustain injuries and endure all forms or threats. Their grief does not end there as they encounter hostile people who constantly torment and harm them. They also come into contact with environmental hazards that slow their operations. Being the men they are, the two forge on with vigor. I like how they cooperated to finish set goals even when there were so many obstacles ahead of them.

Greg Kater is a deftly draws draws his characters, especially Jacko and Munro. It is great seeing how Jack can spot Munro’s weaknesses and vice versa. There can never be a Jamie Munro without Jacko. Colonel Cook was another great character. The man was not in action all the time but his wit and tactics came in handy. I enjoyed his conversations and loved every minute he held meetings with his people. Having Colonel Cook in charge meant that everyone was in capable hands.

Greg Kater has written an exciting military thriller that is packed with drama, intense action, perilous adventure, and peppered with some wild scenes. The plot thickens with every new move the main characters take. Reading Conflict on the Yangtze gives one the impression of being part of the action. I love the compelling the plot and the twists that kept me guessing. Fans of military action adventure stories will find plenty to love.

Pages: 362 | ASIN: B07TXR4MSF

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  1. I see waramunga posts on here often, and I just wanted to say that the word “waramunga” (spellings off I know), gets caught in my head for hours every time I see it. Ha


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