Forging of a Knight: Knighthood’s End

Forging of a Knight: Knighthood’s End by [Negron, Hugo V.]

This is the fifth book in Hugo V. Negron’s Forging of a Knight series. We follow the adventures of Qualtan together with a Mah-Zakim and others as they try to figure out the curse and other things that fate presents. I like how the book begins as the reader is taken through the characters’ lives and the activities that they engage in. Hugo Negron is clear in his narration, as he vividly describes events and scenes in the book. You can tell that Forging of a Knight: Knighthood’s End is an intriguing book from the first chapter. The story starts on a high note as the reader catches up with the characters. One virtually follows each one of them as they move from one location and through holes as they persue their interests.

The book starts with Lord Mountebank and other generals convening at an event presided over by King Prelance. I loved the interaction in the meeting with the members present speaking their mind while others observing authority. The discussion was heated and exciting to follow, especially when some members opposed and disapproved. The book gets to be more exciting when you follow and understand the characters. Qualtan was one of the many characters that flawlessly executed their roles. Circumstances force Qualtan to run with a Mah-Zakim because of the curse.

Qualtan has a challenging task ahead as failure to save a Mah-Zakim will lead her to be destroyed by the same curse. We see love come to play with these two characters as they journey to their freedom. Forging of a Knight: Knighthood’s End has many crucial themes. Some of them include friendship, loyalty, romance, and authority. We see how friends can turn against each other especially when one of them loses their status. Romantic relationships prove to be hard especially with hurdles affecting both partners.

Hugo Negron’s book is entertaining with numerous lessons in between the pages. Forging of a Knight: Knighthood’s End is enjoyable because of the distinct story line and action. The characters in the book are vibrant and creatively developed. Their energetic nature is also great as you get to enjoy the different traits in the characters from the beginning. Forging of a Knight: Knighthood’s End is a great book for readers who love thrillers, fantasy reads and books with action.

Pages: 538 | ASIN: B01NCWGQCO

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