Giahem’s Talons

Giahem's Talons (The Incarn Saga Book 4) by [Wibell, Katharine]

Lluava is broken, embittered, and lost. She alone bears the responsibility for the fall of the kingdom, and she is more than aware of the fact that she alone can repair it. A young girl herself, she shoulders the weight of her wrongs and is now facing the most difficult task of her life. She has been stripped of her rank and barred from serving in the position she loves most. If she cannot fight, who is she? If she cannot defend, what is her worth? Will she be able to tackle her own demons and change the world as she knows it?

Lluava, a Theriomorph, is the main character of Katharine Wibell’s Giahem’s Talons. This is Wibell’s fourth installment of the Incarn Saga. Wibell has managed to carry over to this fourth book both the look and feel of an intense fantasy rooted in well-developed characters and a riveting plot. Lluava, though a young girl, carries the weight of hundred men on her shoulders and is a fantastic character in her own right. Nowhere else will readers find such a strong example of both femininity and power rolled into one main character.

I was touched by the addition of Odel to this book. His character serves to bring Lluava down to earth when she is beginning to falter. Her entire experience being ostracized and stripped of the right to battle has broken her spirit, but Odel’s appearance grounds her and makes her whole again.

I am intrigued by the idea of the Theriomorph. Lluava stands as a shining example of a race of people who are misunderstood and virtually alone in their characteristics and abilities. The Theriomorphs add a wonderfully rich element to Wibell’s work. As Lluava struggles to prove herself, she bears this additional weight, making her task all the more difficult.

Readers who enjoy fantasies will find everything they require from this genre within the pages of Wibell’s work. Though this is the fourth in a series, readers who have not familiarized themselves with books 1-3 will be able to pick up on page 1 and not feel lost. Wibell pulls together the four books easily and quickly and gives readers sufficient information to be able to read this book without having digested the first three. Giahem’s Talons: Book Four of the Incarn Saga is a compelling fantasy and not to be missed.

Pages: 306 | ASIN: B07Y2BSL2N

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