Sleepwater Beat

Sleepwater Beat (Blue Helix Book 1) by [Hutson, Kathrin]

Leona has had an irregular life. She has a secret. Spinning beats gets her out of situations. It helps her survive on the cold hard streets. Until one day Karl sees her for who she really is. He knows because he can do it too. He knows other people who might be like her. Sleepwater is not what she thought it would be. She expected days lived with people who understand and maybe finally, some peace. However, her life becomes chaos when she starts being hunted. She will have to run from something worse than what she had run from before. Will the agencies catch up with her? Will Leo catch a break? Can she finally understand her abilities?

Kathrin Hutson has combined so many fan-favorite elements in this book. There is an LGBTQ romance that is well developed and refreshing. Sleepwater Beat provides a suspenseful story filled with surprising twists and a lot of emotion. The plot seems like the author let her imagination run wild. The plot is peppered with escapades and exciting events.

The characters are artfully sculpted. The way Leo is described and introduced to us complete with her attitude is so vivid and detailed. You can almost feel her tangled hair between your fingers. You can smell the cigarettes on her clothes. You hear the slight tobacco-induced rasp in her voice as she gives sass and ‘beats’ people. You will almost fall for Karl’s intentions as he picks up Leo and offers her exactly what she needs. The author has done a great job with the characters. They make you look forward to following them through the Blue Helix series.

The style of writing in this book is a bit gruff. It has a certain quality that puts you right in the street. Maybe it is the wording of the dialogue. Maybe it is the way the words are delivered and by whom. The words just help build the scene for the reader. It is the kind of writing that perfectly fits this kind of story with these kinds of characters.

The alternative throwbacks are especially lovely. They help you compare then and now and give you some insight into the why of now. They give you a better understanding and enhance the connection between the reader and the characters/story.

Sleepwater Beat will bring you face to face with unconventional situations. You will wonder how to handle a clever Leo who maintains a flirty crust while having a broken center. Kudos for successfully thrusting the reader right into the thick of it and keeping them gripped enough to resist leaving.

Pages: 410 | ASIN: B07JZXBRLC

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