Too Many Wolves in The Local Woods: A Novel of Love and Fate

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Too Many Wolves in The Local Woods, written by Marina Osipova, is a stunning tale about two captivating women living in the distressed Soviet Union and fighting for a cause they both hold dear. The German Army occupies Byelorussia, crossing the paths of our two leading women. Tragedy strikes setting off a series of dramatic events that propel the story and our character forward on a perilous journey. We fast forward to years later and the story focuses on the daughter of one of the daring women that fought bravely in WWII. I really enjoyed how the story unfolds at this point because we get to see the stunning realization that arises in a child who has learned something amazing about their parent.

Marina Osipova beautifully outlines the concept of a child not fully knowing their parent and an awareness of the life they may have lived. Parents sometimes fail to tell us the extent of their life stories, only telling us the image they want us to have of them. When we unravel their true identities it can be eye opening, effecting some reflections and self realizations, and correlations as to why you may have specific thought processes in place. During major life events in the world, we always wonder what role our parents played. Marina Osipova did a fantastic job of capturing this feeling. The author deftly describes that relationship and playing on the two characters and the differences. Though the story felt somewhat long, the extensive descriptions allow the reader to feel like they are embedded in the life of our characters and vividly portrays a Soviet Union that is under stress due to the war. Feeling the restrictions and the coldness made it feel realistic, but some of the dialogue felt anemic in comparison. There were some areas that focused on descriptions, which painted a wonderful world, but felt somewhat lengthy.

Marina Osipova felt dedicated to this piece, exhibiting passion and knowledge for the area and time frame. Too Many Wolves in The Local Woods is an insightful story that truly feels connected to the past. This book is an interesting take on a woman’s role during WWII and what beliefs were relevant for that time. This is a strong tale about women and I highly recommend it.

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