Tales of an Outcast Faerie

Allison Rose Author Interview

Allison Rose Author Interview

The Nameless follows Nola and Kelty as they’re faced with difficult decisions that affect both the Faerie and human worlds. What was the inspiration for the setup to this compelling story?

The Nameless was actually inspired by a nature preserve near where I live. It’s so magical, and my imagination is so overreactive, I dreamed up a story about a faerie creature with elemental magic. Then I thought, “What would happen if she met a human?” And the story developed from there.

Nola is an intriguing and well developed character. What were some driving ideals behind her character development?

From the start, I wanted Nola to be this character that was sympathetic to the faeries and so curious about them. Then as she encounters the world of faerie outcasts, she sort of evolves through the story into this stubborn, incredibly kind and brave force of good, and it’s been amazing to watch her come into her own.

The Outcasts faeries are fascinating. What were some themes you wanted to capture in their characters and world?

The outcasts are so interesting because they have been banished from faerie and are not allowed to return because of the faeries’ hatred of the humans. Yet, as is Kelty’s case, their crimes are not particularly egregious a lot of the time. This shows quite a lot of prejudice on the part of the faeries. It also shows how powerful the faerie courts truly are that they banish as a form of punishment rather than keeping dissenters in their own world.

This is book one in your Tales of an Outcast Faerie series. What can reader expect in book two, The Court of Outcasts?

The Court of Outcasts, Book Two, delves deeper into the world of the outcasts as a faerie with the power to influence minds offers Kelty the throne to the Court of Outcasts. Nola also finds herself in his clutches. And both will have to fight to survive with their minds and relationships intact. There is also a plot twist you won’t see coming.

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The Nameless (Tales of an Outcast Faerie Book 1) by [Allison Rose]

Outcasts of Faerie have lived unseen and secluded from humans. Until now.

When a strange dark magic threatens the human world, sixteen-year-old Nola seeks the help of Kelty, an outcast faerie she discovered with her rare magic sight, to help her stop it.

Reluctant and wary, Kelty must choose between turning her back on the helpless humans or sacrificing her chance to return to Faerie, which is only possible if she remains untainted by human contact.

The outcast responsible for Kelty’s banishment is playing his own dangerous game. He might be the answer to defeating the dark magic. He also might destroy them both.

Will the truth be discovered before the dark magic is unleashed upon the human world?

For fans of fast-paced YA fantasy, intense plots, and breathtaking magic, The Nameless is a tale unlike any other.

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