A More Cerebral Based Mystery

Paul S.  Bradley
Paul S. Bradley Author Interview

Darkness in Malaga follows three unlikely allies who must work together to find girls who’ve mysteriously gone missing. What was the inspiration for the setup to this exciting novel?

I live in Nerja, a small but quaint fishing village on the Mediterranean coast of southern Spain. It’s a popular tourist resort visited by many from all over the world to enjoy the balmy all year-round climate, intimate beaches and hiking in the beautiful surrounding mountains. Crime here is practically unheard of, yet in 2008 a girl was murdered by her jilted lover outside the café where she worked in front of the church. The whole town was shocked rigid. It inspired me to glue myself to the keyboard and from that evolved the Andalusian Mystery Series of which Darkness in Malaga is the first of four linked mysteries.

Prado, Amanda, and Phillip are all well developed characters. What were some ideas that drove their character development?

Nerja is a cosmopolitan place, home to over seventy-seven nationalities, many retired and not speaking anything more than basic Spanish. This can cause problems in health clinics, hospitals and police stations where there are few linguists. Prado is a veteran detective and speaks only Spanish but most of his cases involve foreigners. The police have no budgets for translators and rely on volunteers. I live near the Guardia Civil barracks and have helped out from time to time. The case of the Belgian man killing his wife was an actual event that I was involved with. I preferred that my characters reflected the maturity of the residents. Young whizz kids in fancy cars and guns are not appreciated so much among senior citizens, so I opted for a more cerebral based mystery with less death.

I enjoyed the twists throughout the story. Were these planned before writing or did they come about organically while writing?

I’m not a great planner, preferring the spontaneity that evolves through creativity. I start with a strong idea of the whole series in my head and let the details flow as I write. My editor then picks out any holes which I’ve missed. I learned long ago that a book is not written but rewritten so have happily adopted that principle. With each book, I improve my ability to get it right first time, but it still takes me about a year to produce each one.

This is book one in the Andalusian Mystery series. What can readers expect in book two?

There are four books in the series that are linked mysteries. Each book exploits a different aspect of the beauty that Spain offers as a setting. The second book is set in the world of bullfighting. The third in Flamenco and the fourth that I’m writing now is in and around The Alhambra Palace in Granada. In each book, the three main characters continue to investigate the possibility of a mastermind being behind Malcolm Crown, the perpetrator in the first book. That runs parallel with a new mystery in each book, ending in a thrilling climax at the end of book four.

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  1. Glad to read something set in Spain.

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