Thrust Into Remarkable Circumstances

James W. George
James W. George Author Interview

All The World’s Colors sees the epic clash of four great societies. What were some themes that were important for you to focus on in this book?

The themes of the book are the clash of cultures and religion, courage in the face of the unknown, and how seemingly insignificant individuals can be suddenly thrust into remarkable circumstances.

Ultimately, it is a fantasy-based reimagining of 16th century European history and the discovery of the new world.

This novel does a great job of telling a gripping story using elements often found in historical fiction. Was this intentional or is this indicative of your writing style?

Thank you for the compliment. I’d say it was both! I love historical fiction, and I think history is so fascinating that it can serve as the foundation for outstanding fantasy writing (looking at you, Game of Thrones!)

Savvy readers will quickly pick up on the cues from history in this novel. The discovery of a new continent, and a lost colony. Religious fanaticism. Strange new crops. Wealthy merchant families. And of course, devious intrigue in the royal courts, inspired by the outlandish legends surrounding Queen Elizabeth I.

I enjoyed the idea that the societies are given their own colors. How did come up with this idea and what were some sources that influenced its development?

I think the visual imagery associated with flags, uniforms, and colors is quite striking. Sometimes colors can be so ubiquitous that they become almost synonymous with a society. British redcoats. The all-encompassing red of the Soviet Union. Orange and Dutch culture. Orange and Protestantism. Green and Ireland. You may be familiar with the controversy associated with the development of the modern-day Canadian flag; everything red was associated with British culture, and everything blue was associated with the French, so it was difficult to agree on anything.

Perhaps this is why I find strategy games like Catan and Risk to be so enthralling – the hypnotic imagery of watching colors and kingdoms expand and contract across the world.

This is book one in The Queen of the Blue series. What can readers expect in book two?

Quite a bit more. Book one is a relatively short foundational book, designed to familiarize readers with this fantasy world. There are obviously huge cliffhangers concerning Olmar and Marcel. We’ve clearly only scratched the surface with Burboh and Sanctia, not to mention Amira and the Confederation of Orange. There is a great deal yet to be learned about the new world. Additionally, there will be quite a bit more of the supernatural in subsequent books.

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Book one of a brand-new, epic fantasy series inspired by the history of 16th century Europe.

Something inconceivable has happened, and all the world’s colors are about to bleed…

Kellia. Kellia the Red. Pagan, seafaring warriors of ancient renown. They have sailed west, ever west, and have discovered an awe-inspiring, unknown land. Is it their salvation, or the seed of their destruction?

Merova and the Throne of Blue. Wealthy, cultured, and the ultimate matriarchy. Kellia’s ancient nemesis, and a realm of secrets, intrigue, and treachery.

The Holy Domain of Sanctia. Piety, sacrifice, and faith. They have a spiritual duty to spread the truth across the seas, and they will sail under the sacred banner of green.

The Confederation of Orange. Cynical, profiteering financiers and lovers of pleasure. If there is a new discovery in this world, they will be poised to exploit it.

Fans of historical fiction and fantasy will delight in this epic saga of empire, conflict, and power.

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