Gratitude canBenefit Children

Medea Kalantar Author Interview
Medea Kalantar Author Interview

Honeycake: Counting All My Blessings teaches children about the importance of gratitude and how to focus on what matters most. Why is this an important lesson for kids to learn?

Firstly, I would like to say thank you for conducting this author interview. I’m so honoured and grateful to be given this platform to discuss the importance and the valuable lessons my books will give families around the world.

After reading Honeycake: Counting All My Blessings, I hope my readers come away with incorporating gratitude in their everyday lives. Most parents have taught their kids the importance of saying thank you by grade school, if not sooner. But how many have truly instructed them in the art of being grateful? You can be grateful for a wide range of “gifts,” everything from nature and good food to good luck or a wonderful opportunity for the people in your life. A sense of gratitude can benefit children (and adults) in a variety of ways. It can decrease stress and has other important emotional health benefits. A person who is grateful tends to spend less time comparing him or herself with others and feeling envious. I also feel that it’s important to showcase that we need to be grateful when things don’t go our way, or when we make a mistake. It’s through those challenges we have to overcome, that we learn our greatest lessons in life. Ultimately gratitude can help adults and children alike, and the best thing parents can do is be a good role model for their children. So, the next time something good — or even not so good — happens, express your appreciation out loud, start a gratitude journal, and start and end your day with what you are grateful for. Everyone will benefit from it.

Nala has to deal with feelings of jealousy when a new baby arrives. Is this something inspired from your own life?

Yes, this was inspired by my own daughter Shanaz’s reaction when her little brother Jean-Diar (JD) was born. She was only 15 months old at the time but I made sure we taught her the importance of gratitude and how to count all her blessings even at that age.

Where did the idea for the ‘green eyed monster’ come from?

Jealousy can lead even the nicest people to become angry or green with envy. That’s why it’s often referred to as the ‘green-eyed monster’. Because it’s so universal in human nature, jealousy is a common theme in storytelling, so I thought it would be a good metaphor for children to relate too.

What plans do you have to continue the Honeycake series?

I will be taking a break after this book, to focus on a bigger project. I have partnered up with a production company and my Co-Creator Lanette Ware-Bushfield CEO of AWWB Production Inc. is helping me take the Honeycake Book Series and adapting it into a tv series, which is being pitched to major television and animation studios.

I do plan to come back with another 5 books in the Honeycake series, with our heroine Nala and her little brother Luka when they are a little older with books that are geared for middle graders.

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In the next installment of the delightful Honeycake book series, Nala’s mom and papa are celebrating the birth of their newborn son. But, when baby Luka receives so many presents and all the attention, Nala becomes angry and green with envy.

This book teaches children the importance of gratitude and how to focus on what matters most in life. Showing gratitude is a great way to find balance in the materialistic culture we live in today.

With the help of her grandmother, Nala learns the importance of gratitude and how being thankful for all the wonderful things she has in her life equips her with a powerful tool to make those icky feelings of jealousy from the “Green-Eyed Monster” disappear.

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