The Real Adventure Begins!

Blair Wylie Author Interview

Covert Alliance starts when a megalithic pyramid is discovered which sets off a series of dangerous events. How did the idea for the pyramid start and change as you wrote?

I took some inspiration from Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001 and 2010, and I suppose the pseudo-scientific folks on television known as ‘ancient astronaut theorists.’ Although at first the pyramid appears primitive, it proves to be a technological marvel that was obviously not built by humans. Like Clarke’s megaliths, among other things, the pyramid is a pointing device that when followed up on, alerts benign, very advanced aliens to the presence of another intelligent species (namely, the human beings on New Earth). And then the real adventure begins!

I enjoyed the depth of knowledge provided in this book. Do you do any research for your books before writing?

I do research, mostly using web-based material (Wikipedia is especially useful as a starting point). As I develop a story, I find my research becomes more intense, as I realize I may have gotten a few things wrong. The creative phase requires abstract thinking, and the review stage requires linear, self-critical thinking. Research and cross-checking is required throughout.

What were some challenges you set for yourself as a writer with this book?

I believe good science-fiction does not try to tell a reader what to think, rather it inspires a reader to do their own thinking. I also want to make the tale fun to read, full of adventure with twists and turns. I depend on my own judgement to evaluate if I get the balance right. And on reviews by Literary Titan of course!

The science inserted in the fiction, I felt, was well balanced. How do you manage to keep the story grounded while still providing the fantastic edge science fiction stories usually provide?

The characters provide the grounding if I get it right. I want them to be recognizable people, with feelings and fears, aspirations and frustrations. If a reader puts themselves in a situation confronting one of the characters, that would be a big win for me.

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When a megalithic pyramid is discovered on New Earth, it excites a great deal of attention from scientists and politicians alike. But when it becomes apparent that the pyramid may be linked to the Masters – an ancient and highly aggressive enemy – the military also start to take a close, and possibly unwelcome, interest.

Balancing the competing interests of scientists, politicians, the military and financiers falls on the shoulders of Prime Minister Phillip Wong. When evidence emerges that an unknown alien race has designed the pyramid to direct New Earth’s attention to a specific, unexplored moon in the Sol-system, Wong draws on his considerable political strengths to set up a top-secret deep-space exploration.

When a direct message from the alien race forecasts that the Masters are intent on the total destruction of New Earth, and that only their own highly-sophisticated technology can save the human population, Wong and his advisers must decide whether they can be trusted.

Professor Francis Maldonado, Lieutenant Colonel Nils Knudsen and Major Asher Weismann will take on the mission to meet with the aliens and determine the course of action. But the moon-mission is just the first step in a series of events that will erupt into a fierce battle for survival between the Warrior Masters and the human race…

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