The Element The Madman Was After

Rowan Staeffler
Rowan Staeffler Author Interview

The Black Eyed Witch follows a witch and a former witch hunter as they face a madman obsessed with acquiring the strength of witches. What were some sources that informed this novels development?

As stated in the Foreboding interview, the manga/anime Claymore were part of the inspiration and made my own version of it. Just instead of the typical tropes of magic, I wanted it to be organic, like there is a more scientific reason behind it. This was the element the madman was after.

Did you plan Ronan and Lithia’s character development before writing or did they develop organically while writing?

Yes, way before I even began writing the book. The characters were very clear in my mind that writing them felt natural. All I had to do is to take notes of the timelines so that I don’t get them wrong.

The black eyed witches were interesting and a highlight of the book. What were some ideas that guided their development?

That these are misunderstood beings. They try to help, not only for them self, but humans too. Only the humans fail to acknowledge that. All they see are overpowered beings they can’t control.

While writing, it occurred to me that I need to explain who these witches are, so I decided to write who Lithia was. Not only to give her more backstory but to give a more detailed insight what witches do and that some are as quirky as humans are. Originally it should have been a simple chapter but since Lithia is four hundred years old, the reader would be asking ‘what did she really do in that time?’. In the end, I had so many ideas that I end up enjoying writing about her backstory than the current storyline.

What can readers expect in the next book in your A Black Eyed Witch series?

The series has ended with FOREBODING. Book 3 was a consideration but I could not make a compelling story to write an entire book about. Also, I aim on becoming a tradionally published author. So I hope my current book, with a completely new story and characters, will get their interest.

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Lithia is hunted by evil King Noran, a madman obsessed with acquiring the longevity, healing powers, and inhuman strength of witches. Royal guard and former witch hunter Ronan, framed for killing Noran’s predecessor, escapes the palace before Noran can silence him.

A chance meeting with Lithia sees him join forces with the witch and devise a plan to assassinate the malevolent King. Traveling across the kingdom, recruiting others to their cause, the secrets Ronan and Lithia hide threaten to destroy not only themselves, but to bring Terom to its knees at the feet of King Noran and his diabolical desire to rule over the witches.

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