Find the Girl: A Fantasy Novel

Find the Girl: A Fantasy Novel by [Donan Berg]

Find the Girl by Donan Berg immerses us in the whimsical story of Eta Dorcas. Eta’s world opens with a shocking discovery; after a trip to local caves with her grandma and younger sister Daria, Eta’s fingers suddenly begin to glow a bright blue. This shocks her—but she’s even more surprised to find that a creature has snuck into her backpack and escaped the cave with Eta and her family. We learn that the creature is a weasel who once lived as Eighteenth-Century Sailor, trapped in his animal form by a vicious curse.

Find the Girl takes a magical turn into an expansive world where anything is possible. Eta and Ian, the boy-become-weasel, are suddenly entangled in a quest to free Ian from the curse that’s been put upon him by Greek seafarers. This quest leaves him with three important words: find the girl. We travel around the world and through time with the protagonists as they encounter different trials and creatures, challenging them to discover a cure for the curse before time runs out.

This book was such a fun read. Eta’s voice is entertaining and joyful despite the strenuous trials she faces, and I loved seeing this magical world from her perspective. The bond she forms with Ian felt genuine and touching, and I found them both to be nuanced characters with relatable emotions among the fantastical setting. I enjoyed that the story left some open avenues where future tales could develop further from this intricate and well-constructed universe.

I found the world presented in Find the Girl so unique. It was unlike any fantasy stories I’ve read previously, and I loved the specialized voice that came along with this brand-new view. However, I did find the beginning confusing as we’re thrust into this magical world without much description. Berg makes up for the heavy information by providing detailed fantastical occurrences later in the story, as we meet new characters who give more context to the universe that’s been constructed.

If you’re looking for a joyful and inspiring story that’s great for all ages, Find the Girl is your next perfect read. The story emphasizes how special it is to embrace wonder and change. It shows that when we care for one another and have the passion to help them, we might discover beautiful corners of the world along the way.

Pages: 151 | ASIN: B091FZBQTG

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