The Drive to Freedom

There was a time when one of two paths was sufficient. However, as time passes the need for alternatives grows direr. There is a need for more options. Entrepreneurship is the go-to for most who find that they do not fit into traditional corporate positions or in the military. This book is a pragmatic guide to becoming an independent courier, but I found that the material and guidance within the book can be applied to all kinds of entrepreneurship.

The author starts off the learning process with awareness. This is required no matter the kind of business you are looking to start. Due diligence reveals not just what you need to start but also the possible barriers you might encounter on the way. Then the author delves into specialization and tools of the trade. After which, he talks about the future of the business. Therefore, this is not just a book about the independent courier business. It is a book about entrepreneurship with independent courier services as a case study.

J.T. Hustlez presents simple concepts in very simple language. The author is not looking to educate MBA students. He is looking to share his personal experiences in the business to inspire people who might be tempted to use their lack of academic qualifications as crutches. Textbooks present theoretical aspects. This book is not theoretical. Through the book, the reader will see the practical aspects of the business. They will see the business of independent courier services from a realistic point of view.

The book is 53 pages long. That makes it easier to refer to. It also makes it easier to understand and retain the information therein. Often, experience matters more as an entrepreneur than education. This book is both. It offers practical advice as well as wisdom gained through experience. In the awareness stage of the entrepreneurship process, this book is a good and useful resource to have.

The Drive to Freedom is a straightforward and informative guide detailing how to become an independent courier, but much more than that this book will provide readers with the critical tools they will need to be successful in a variety of business ventures.

Pages: 53 | ASIN: B07HHFG311

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  1. I have read it it is an amazing book


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