Who You Gonna Serve?

Who You Gonna Serve? by [Aaron Pullins III]

In Who You Gonna Serve readers are faced with a conundrum, do you suffer through the bad situation until it passes? Or, do you contend with the necessary evil then atone for it later? It is a tough situation to be in. One that Daz Brooks knows all too well about. He is fresh out of prison and has a dream to be one of the best rappers alive. He could see no other way to achieve his dream other than the grey area resident, Andre Paul Zaayer.

APZ is a lawyer. Unlike other lawyers, he does not exactly practice the law. He practices around it and out of it. He is also deep in the drug trade. The exact thing that got Daz Brooks into prison to start with. APZ seems like everything a lawyers should not be. He is also the last person Daz Brooks should be engaging with. Will he be able to untangle himself from this web he walked into? Will APZ let him?

Authors Aaron Pullins III and Cathy Clark have written a captivating Christian fiction novel following two contrasting characters. One determined to get out of a dark hole and another willing to go to any lengths to keep him in there. It is a book about seeking the grace of God when the only solution you can come up with is a bad idea.

The authors have put names to the good and bad angels on your shoulder who pull you in different directions. Daz Brooks and APZ represent the two types of people in the world. You cannot help but root for Daz Brooks as you hope that the 40-day rule applies to guys like APZ and that his are almost over. Although, learning about his childhood in the beginning sort of eases the abhorrence you might develop for him.

Who You Gonna Serve starts an interesting conversation about the decisions people make and how they change their lives. Many times, people will take the path that gets them what they want despite the risk of losing more. However, with the grace of God it is easier to foresee the regret and pain that will come afterwards before the mistake is made.

This riveting crime fiction story lures readers in with a well written and descriptive story and then delivers some thought-provoking ideas. Readers will able to relate with a variety of moments throughout the story as well as the characters. It is especially interesting how the authors have used little bits from scripture to help drive the point of the story home.

Who You Gonna Serve is an absorbing urban Christian fiction novel with an entertaining storyline and a fascinating cast of characters.

Pages: 176 | ASIN: B08J3PVJX3

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