It Had To Be A Ghost Story

A.A. Blair
A.A. Blair Author Interview

Mystic of the Midway follows a young girl that starts seeing and hearing things no-one else can after an accident. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

That’s a great question. The answer is sort of in reverse. Having returned to visit Crystal Beach in the early 2000s you could feel the ghosts of the park still present throughout the town. That experience, as well as subsequent visits, sparked my interest in the area and its history. When I decided I wanted to write a story set in Crystal Beach, I knew it had to be a ghost story, so I worked somewhat backwards to the setup.

What is one of your favorite memories from Crystal Beach? Did this memory influence a particular scene in the book?​

My memories of Crystal Beach are actually all recent. Revisiting the area with my young family was what inspired me to write about the area. As part of my research memories of the park came flooding back to me. But the singular moment I recall that had me decide to write was my 8 year old son reading Judy Blume’s Super Fudge on a lazy summer morning at a Crystal Beach cottage we had rented. He was just becoming an independent reader and was beaming, laughing at the antics of Fudge. I decided I wanted to write something that celebrated the area and hopefully inspired reflection and some laughter.

Which character in the novel do you feel you relate to the most?​

Definitely Effie. Her character really captures how I saw the world at that age.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Currently I’m working on a dystopian YA novel entitled The Mutant and the Mule. I’m hoping it will be available in 2023.

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Effie knew she wasn’t the same after her accident but didn’t realize how different she had become until her family vacation. When Effie begins to hear whispers and have visions things get really strange! Effie finds a love letter to her mother that isn’t from her father! A strange mystery girl seems to follow her wherever she goes but vanishes before Effie can confront her. Even the rides in the amusement park begin to speak to her! Effie wonders; is she going crazy? Are all the things that are happening trying to tell her something?

Effie enlists the aide of her detective brother, Jimmy, along with her long time Crystal Beach buddies Lydia and her mischievous little brother Sniff. The friends race through the old amusement park to try and find answers while trying to avoid a local bully. As their investigation deepens Effie begins to be haunted by dreams that seem to hold the key to everything that is happening. When the investigation falters Effie struggles to overcome self-doubt and the realization that her idyllic vacation spot isn’t what it seems to be. Trying not to lose faith, Effie embraces her new abilities hoping the whispers and signs will lead her and her friends to the answers they need to save her family and discover the identity of the mystery girl.

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