Nighttime Fantasy

Nighttime Fantasy is a bedtime poem written by Suzanne Shields. This picture book starts out reading the poem in its entirety. Then this children’s book breaks each line out onto its own page with exciting and captivating illustrations. This short poem is about monsters coming into the child’s bedroom each night and how the child runs to safety in their mom’s room. The message of finding safety with the ones you love comes across strongly.

The care that is taken to draw each monster and give it its own personality is remarkable. The monsters are slightly scary but not so much that they will give children nightmares. “Some are large and some are small, on the ceiling, on my wall” gives readers a look into what the child sees. When looking at the different monsters on the pages, they on the surface look scary, but then you see them sticking out their tongue or looking like they are laughing or just leaning in to listen to a story. Meanwhile, the child’s cat sleeps soundly on the bed undisturbed.

Readers will find this heartwarming picture book sweet and relatable. What kid has not had the fear of a monster in their room at one point in time or another? Bedtime and darkness are scary things for small children. This feel-good story showcases the love and feeling of safety children look for from their parents. The unconditional love and acceptance, that even when they know there are no monsters, they still offer comfort and a safe space. “Nothing to fear, my little love bug” sums up the emotions and the tenderness of the poem.

Nighttime Fantasy is an original poem that the author has turned into a memorable picture book. Opening discussions about fear, fantasy, and feeling safe, this touching story will be enjoyed by all. Children and parents alike will love having this to add to the rotation of bedtime stories.

Pages: 26 | ASIN: B08LKDV7G3

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