Embracing the Darkness

Jasce’s sister is missing, and the very people who can help most do not see her return as a priority. The kingdom has seemingly more important things with which to contend, and Jasce is expected to do his part, forcing him to make a choice between family and the Kingdom. Jasce, as it turns out, possesses a power highly desired by those who know him. As infamous as he is, however, he is unable to overturn the command he has been given to stand down and stop his frantic search for his sister, Jaida.

Embracing the Darkness, by Cassie Sanchez, is a rousing fantasy tale centered around siblings Jasce and Jaida, both of whom possess powers that set them apart in more ways than one. Jaida is considered a fugitive, and Jasce’s number one concern, despite the orders he has been assigned by the Queen, is finding his sister and gaining her forgiveness. Jasce’s inner turmoil and fiery temper make him a standout character in Sanchez’s beautifully detailed novel.

The author provides great backstories in the book’s introduction. Readers are given a full breakdown of the trauma and abuse that dominated the siblings’ childhoods. The gripping introduction and the interactions with their loving and fiercely protective mother set the stage for the intensity of emotion later in their lives when Jasce becomes the one with his sights set on mending fences and recovering his sister.

Cassie Sanchez is a master at balancing a complicated and multi-faceted plot with detailed imagery and incredible visuals for readers. Jasce and Jaida’s story is fast-paced, and the variety of settings and relatable dialogue all combine to make Sanchez’s story a must-read in the fantasy series.

When an author manages to make a plot come full-circle, I am always impressed and satisfied as a reader. I absolutely loved the idea that the stories Jasce’s mother told him as a child came to light in adulthood and served him as he fights to obey the Queen and recover his sister. Sanchez pulls this technique together and gives readers a specific type of closure to their reading–a truly masterful technique.

I am giving Embracing the Darkness, by Cassie Sanchez, a solid 5 out of 5 stars. With strong main characters, tastefully done romantic scenes, and an engaging plot, Sanchez’s fantasy delivers it all from cover to cover. I highly recommend Sanchez’s novel to any fantasy fan looking for a fabulous new cast of characters to cherish.

Pages: 151 | ASIN : B0B33RFRP8

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