Time’s Daughter

Christina Forsythe is a young school teacher who is mysteriously transported from the twentieth century back to 1875 to live a legend that she has heard about her entire life. Christina finds herself in Whispering Oaks with Rainer Thorpe and his six-year-old daughter Marjorie. Adopting the identity of her ancestor and doppelganger, Christina is compelled to be Majorie’s governess as she becomes caught in the feud between Rainer and his greedy step-brother Eli. After the sudden death of Rainers’s wife and the ensuing rumors, Rainer Thorpe loses his mind. Christina falls for this eccentric man while they plan to find her a way back home. Will Christina be able to uncover the conspiracy against Rainer’s health and estate and also find her way home?

Time’s Daughter by Jo Anne Barnes is a sensuous time travel romance novel that combines elements of science fiction, mystery and history into a story that will pique readers curiosity. The time travel narrative has its own set of rules that differ from most time travel tropes which makes this both a fun and unique read.

The author explores living in alternate histories and centuries in an intriguing way. The characters navigate the past and the future, showing the clash of customs and morals that accompanies going back in time and references to technology and cultures that exist in the 20th century. The novel also explores themes of family, a father’s love, and mental illness in ways that feel thoughtful, grounded and compelling. The author also includes a budding romance that weaves its way throughout the story. Readers will surely fall in love with Christina’s character as I know I was enthralled with her character after her dramatic evolution throughout the story.

With a love that transcends centuries, the plot is interesting and the characters are fascinating. Time’s Daughter is an entertaining historical romance novel that will appeal to readers looking for their fix after finishing Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series.

Pages: 298 | ASIN: B0BG6NR8VH

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  1. I read this book and loved it. I felt both main characters had a lot of destinct development and you liked them. Interesting plot too. I like books that take me away from daily common living.


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