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Amanda Kate Author Interview

Divine. Messy. Human. is a spiritual guide that helps readers prioritize their internal truth over external influences to take them from self-loathing to self-love. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I’ve lived much of my life in self-doubt and self-hatred, and know that I’m not the only one who either does, or did.

Questioning myself regularly about my choices I beat myself up in my head repeatedly about even the smallest perceived transgressions, and often in ways that far outweighed the “crime” I’d believed I had committed. I was a self-flagellator of the highest order, often because I’d been conditioned to see the worst in myself well before I saw the best.

A chronic people-pleaser, I lived to my personal perception of other’s expectations of, and for me. From childhood to adulthood, I consistently ticked all the boxes for appropriate behaviour, good grades, success, life path, and so much more. I regularly made sure that everyone was taken care of at my own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual expense. I martyred myself and became full of suppressed emotions and resentment.

All of the above combined to make me unhappy, full of self-hatred, and unwell with chronic fatigue.

In re-connecting, first to myself, and then to my spirituality, I turned around the way I felt about everything. This book was my way to share with others the tools and techniques that I used to walk this path of healing towards self-love and greater feelings of abundance.

What is the biggest hurdle you see people facing on their path to embracing their true selves?

The biggest hurdle is often that they don’t understand their deeply held trauma patterning and how they’ve been conditioned to go outside of themselves for all their life answers so regularly that they’ve lost touch with their own innate knowing of Self.

We are all surrounded by so much external noise and influence, much of it well-meaning but misguided, that we go external to ourselves before turning inward, if we turn inward at all.

Many hear their intuition, some even listen to it, but very few trust it and act on it.

What were some ideas that were important for you to share in this book?

The main premise was to make these deeply spiritual concepts easily accessible, bite-sized, and comprehensible.

I hope that through these pages I am able to help people move towards an acceptance of their natural messiness, to embrace and recognise their divinity, and to begin their journey of combining the two to create an increased experience of the human condition.

What is one thing you hope readers take away from your book?

An increased sense that they know all the answers to their questions in life, even if they sometimes need external help and professional support to translate those messages.

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Divine. Messy. Human.
A Spiritual Guide to Prioritising Internal Truth over External Influence
Soar from self-loathing to self-acceptance, self-love and self-empowerment
We come to this Earth, and leave this Earth, in our most Divine state.
We develop, inherit and embody messiness – the beliefs and programming that do not serve our Divinity but create our individuality.
We learn to bow to external influence to keep ourselves safe and protected within our tribe. And we all too regularly silence our inner knowing, heart and soul for fear of rejection.
All this makes us the perfectly balanced humans we are – equal parts Divine and Messy.
Within these pages are realisations, tools and techniques that I discovered, and still use, in my personal journey from self-loathing to self-love and deep connection to the Divine. With these simple strategies, we can all create Quantum leaps in life, love and abundance.

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