That Sci-fi I Love So Much

Melody Kepler Author Interview

Extension follows a geneticist who must navigate a moral dilemma and her growing attraction to the mission leader while racing against time to save her world from extinction on a foreign planet. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

Music is a huge inspiration for everything I put to paper.

I was just listening one day and this scene started playing in my head:

Initially, Ayathesti was going to be an astronomer researching for somewhere they could either all relocate to, or that could provide something to save the planet. The starting scene was her surrounded by documents in her house, and the clouds cleared for her to be shrouded in moonlight, and that was her answer: the moon. Once I started writing it out, though, I was struggling to find a way for the moon to accomplish saving its parent planet.

Now that I’ve finished outlining a few different stories and have more experience with structure, it could be an interesting concept to explore in the future.

How did you develop the characters of Ayathesti and Tiamet and their inner conflicts throughout the story?

The key components of Ayathesti grew from the parts of me I wasn’t sure how to manage. I know many say it becomes obvious to the reader, and is a bit of a ‘no, no’, when you emulate a character after yourself. 

At the time I started writing Extension, I had already typed up a few scenes (which I ended up changing to match the storyline better.) These scenes were just writing exercises to help me learn to manage my anxiety(which was brand new to me), recommended by my therapist.

With Ayathesti being those pieces of myself, primarily the inner conflict she has with her relationships with herself and those around her, I needed a character to be a counterweight of those traits. For Tiamet, I chose traits that I wished I’d had in my life that I felt would help balance some of those things out.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The main theme was to show the vulnerability of Ayathesti with her relationships and find a way to help her grow throughout the story.

Another important thing to include was the reason traveling to Earth was necessary.

And I think finally, to touch on that sci-fi I love so much.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’m actually working on four books simultaneously at the moment. The sequel for Extension, which has the working title: Sub-Fracture. It’s currently with beta readers before it goes to editing for an optimistic release later this year(2023).

I am also working on a three-part Paranormal Romantic Drama—which, of course, finds some sci-fi aspects incorporated. I’d love to release this year, but realistically it will probably be pushed to 2024.

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Suffering from work-related anxiety makes life difficult, but what if your job involved a mission to rescue your entire world from extinction? Meet Ayathesti—compassionate, perfectionist, loner—the geneticist undergoing this stressful plight.

With planet Naratu dying, the only thing keeping the Mujai people from extinction is aerosolizing gold into the atmosphere. The Council has identified a planet abundant in the metal and selected a team to gather preliminary information. Ayathesti accompanies the team on the eighty-seven-year flight.

Her task? To isolate and collect DNA from an indigenous species to gene splice with their own. To create a hybrid species.
The purpose? To establish a localized colony to supply gold as needed.

But having a compassionate heart leaves Ayathesti with an inner conflict: show mercy and prevent the enslavement of a new species or ensure her people’s survival?

Things grow even more complicated with Tiamet as mission leader. His intelligence, confidence, and drive are exactly what make him perfect for the position. But they are also why he’s a perfect distraction for Ayathesti. Being in charge has challenges of its own, including making sure everyone is moving toward the same goal. And keeping up with changes as they arise has him juggling priorities. Given his history with Ayathesti, he’s confident he can get her on board to do her part. If Naratu is to survive, they both need to fill the demands of their roles.

While Ayathesti wrestles with her sense of right and wrong, Tiamet faces the pressure of leading a successful mission, and both struggle to fight the pull drawing them together. Will Ayathesti compromise her morals and go through with her duties? Can Tiamet stay focused and return everyone home safely? Will there be enough time on the brief visit of this foreign land—a planet they call Earth?

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