Todd David Gross’s Loy: In the Forests of the Mind is a one-of-a-kind post-apocalyptic narrative that offers a unique perspective on humanity’s resurgence after a catastrophic event. This gripping story takes place thousands of years into the future and follows the Rehloy, descendants of mankind who have evolved in remarkable ways. Through the use of a plant with mystical properties, the Rehloy have become a species that is deeply attuned to nature and their own minds and bodies. Living in harmony with the environment, the tribe has thrived. However, when the Rehloy’s spiritual guides feel a significant change in the world, Jormah, one of these “Kwaman,” sets out to find answers beyond their community. This quest leads him to explore a devastated North America, where he encounters dangerous carnivorous grass and experiences full-body psychedelics.

Gross’s portrayal of the Rehloy is genuinely remarkable. These unique descendants of man possess supernatural abilities that are depicted as almost elvish. Their movements, interactions, and shared consciousness are profoundly spiritual and full of self-reflection. Gross does an exceptional job of conveying the perspectives of these reflective individuals, highlighting their connections to each other and the world. Their level of empathy is extraordinary, as evidenced by the birth of a child who is ultra-sensitive to his surroundings and causes physical harm to those around him. However, not everything is idyllic in this new world. The land has been invaded by the Ontarans, who seek to colonize the territory. The Ontarans walk a different path, one of fire and steel, and remain much closer to their ancestors’ appearances and destructive ways. While the Rehloy and their interactions are fascinating, the Ontarans and their goals leave much to be desired.

Overall, Loy is an incredibly original Epic Fantasy story that offers a fascinating and thought-provoking look into the future of humanity. This dystopian view of what the world could be and become is a combination of mystical and horrifying. Gross’s depiction of the Rehloy is simply excellent, and their story is one that is not to be missed.

Pages: 511 | ASIN : B0C17DFG4Q

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