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Loving Whiskey – Book Trailer

Tired of dating, Willow Lawson gives up on love and focuses on the expansion of Martini Girl Bar. She is officially on a man-strike – until she meets Colt. Colton Royce has his hands full raising his four-year-old niece and seventy-two-year-old grandmother. But when a chance encounter to play music again knocks on his door, he takes it. Lightning strikes when Willow and Colt are around, proving love enters when they least expect it.

The Attunist – Book Trailer

The Attunist grew accustomed to making a difference, even though it earned him the label “serial killer.” If he just gives all that up, can he have a normal life? Is that possible? Can’t he just savor a cup of coffee in the mornings?

Since he first found out that he can take out drug dealers and entire terrorist organizations with little chance of accountability, The Attunist has done his best to make the world a safer place. This daunting task was made easier by the love of his life, FBI Agent Carla Bright, but when her colleagues caught on, the manhunt drove him to Mexico.

Being wanted by federal, state and international law enforcement agencies made life problematic. Being hunted by furious, unknown criminals obsessed with exacting revenge upon him and everyone he knows makes his situation even more difficult. Hiding in remote places has advantages but when nature also turns on him, the real challenge is simply surviving the next few moments.

The Attunist continues from the cliffhanger ending of The Attuned, and completes the Attune Trilogy. But why? Does he not survive his own decisions? After having his entire life derailed, and his family’s hundred-year-old cabin in the Rockies confiscated by the FBI, will he also lose friends and loved ones? Read the trilogy finale!

Blessed Chest – Book Trailer

“Ladies, are you looking for a way to boost your bust size and your faith at the same time? Look no further! ‘Blessed Chest: A Christian Woman’s Guide to Breast Enhancement’ is the perfect book for you. This uplifting guide combines easy-to-follow exercises, specifically designed to enhance your bust, with powerful Christian affirmations to boost your confidence and faith.

You’ll learn exercises that target your chest muscles, helping to lift and firm your breasts. And with the help of our daily affirmations, you’ll be reminded of the truth of your worth and beauty as a child of God. Not only will you see physical changes in your chest, but you’ll also experience an emotional and spiritual uplift.

This book is perfect for Christian women of all ages, sizes and shapes. It’s time to embrace the woman God created you to be and feel confident in your own skin. So, grab a copy today and let’s get started on this journey of faith and breast enhancement together!”

Frankenstina – Book Trailer

From the day she was brought into this world, she was hated. Her father hated her because she killed her mother during childbirth. The other children hated her because of her hideous face and size. The teachers hated her because of her intelligence. What happens to the mind when it is exposed to physical and mental abuse from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed? What happens when the town’s people look at you as a freak of nature and whisper behind your back? What happens when the unspeakable happens to you, and you turn to your father for compassion, and you find none? You become what they think you are. You become…THE MONSTER!

The Visitors – Book Trailer

Two time-travelling aliens, Bjorn and Zorn, witness the destruction of the Earth in 2052. They believe the Earth has been destroyed by religious zealots. Their investigation reveals one of their own is behind it. The intended goal was to hide the Earth from the universe. With Tasmania up for grabs, the chess game begins. They travel in time to collect a little band of misfits, to help them save humanity from its religious wars.

The laid back Ptoni the Pteranodon, the ladylike Florence the Jersey Cow, the excitable Penelope the Adelie Penguin, and the Chicken Nugget obsessed Dax the Maine Coon Cat, set off on an adventure that will see them cross the galaxy and back again.

Their adventure is filled with drama, fun and chaos. The local drive-thru will never be the same again, and neither will Florence’s derriere. Alien abduction can be fun!

Death’s Pale Flag – Book Trailer

Brain surgeon and unlikely war hero, Ryan Brenan, has it all. A booming practice, a beautiful home in an idyllic setting, and a happy loving family. Then, the apparitions begin.

Subtle at first, but soon there’s no doubt about it, he’s seeing ghosts, spirits, the undead. Of course, he could just be going nuts, cracking under the pressure of his constant exposure to death, mayhem, and tragedy. But, he believes he has proof that the ghosts are very real, and that they are specifically haunting him.

We join Ryan as he tends to the sick and injured in his hospitals’ trauma bays, intensive care units, and operating rooms, all the while seeking to understand why he has become a target of the dead. Will he break down? Will he lose all that is precious to him? Will he be drawn to the other side of the great divide?

The unique storyline, similar to the works of Blake Crouch and Jeff VanderMeer is a chilling thrill ride, straddling the real world and that of the paranormal.

This riveting psychological thriller uniquely blends a detailed peek behind the curtains of modern day neurosurgery with a fantastical journey into the paranormal. Written by a highly experienced neurosurgeon who takes the reader on an immersive journey into the behind the scenes world of the operating room where few people have ever been.

My Life Living Beyond The Veil Life As A Medium – Book Trailer

Some of us are born with a gift. A rare insight into the hidden world the rest of us cannot see. It is here, in the mind’s eye where another reality plays out. The world of the supernatural and paranormal surround us and only a special few have the ability to pierce the veil.

Forget what you’ve seen in movies and shows. Forget the violent nature so often portrayed for the shock of it. This is the real world, where the unexplained runs rampant, and brave men and women step forward to use their gifts to help others.

My Life Living Beyond the Veil: Life As a Medium is the powerful true story of one medium’s journey into the unknown. See how she came to accept her gifts and learned how to use them for the greater good.

Her story is filled with suspense, mystery, and enough of the supernatural to make your hair stand on end. This powerful book exposes a side of life that so few of us encounter. Growing up, she thought she was different. Frightened and confused, she eventually learned to control her gift, and accept it for what it truly is.

Now, as part of the Hecate Paranormal Group, she and those like her go from scene to scene in the hopes of understanding the supernatural and delivering peace to those who need it most. The journey has been long, and seldom easy, but her story is one that needs to be told.

Welcome to the fascinating world of the supernatural and those who confront it every day. Welcome to the other side of the veil.
My Life Living Beyond The Veil Life As A Medium, available now on Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes & Noble.

The Perfect Vessel – Book Trailer

In a world full of mediocre humans with predictable tendencies, who doesn’t love a little murder every now and then. When it boils down to the important aspects of life, you realize how important self indulgence can be. To do everything in your weak human capacity to make the most out of your few trivial years on earth meaningful. Why hold back from being who you really want to be when you can submit to your inner impulses? That little voice in the back of your head that whispers to bash a strangers head into the concrete. All so that you can watch the crimson blood spill against the asphalt. If you are lucky enough, maybe indulging in a taste. Humans don’t respect or value each others lives, so why should anyone else?

Or so he thinks, a blood thirsty Moid from the inner earth. Over the centuries, many tales of the inner earth have been told. Some cultures believing that it’s true name is the underworld. A place filled with the most monstrous and corrupt souls to ever live. Inner earth contains many lands, one of which called ‘Ara’. The most famous Moid in history has decided to take a trip above ground, the first of his people to walk among humans. Will he indulge in life’s healthy pleasures such as falling in love or wreak havoc on the innocent?

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