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With A Bit Of Adventure And Danger

Charley Brindley Author Interview

Charley Brindley Author Interview

The Last Mission of the Seventh Cavalry follows a unit of the 7th Cav as they travel 2,000 years into the past where soldiers from past and present fight to survive. What was the inspiration for the setup to this intriguing story?

After Hannibal defeated the Romans at the Battle of Cannae, he had them at his mercy. But he didn’t follow up with an attack on Rome itself. Some historians believe he thought they would sue for peace. They didn’t and he roamed around Italy for years, allowing the Romans to rebuild their army which resulted in his defeat at Zama and the destruction of Carthage. So, I decided to send the Seventh Cavalry back in time to help him out.

The story is filled with well developed and interesting character. What was your favorite character to write for?

My favorite character in the novel is Private Katy Sharakova. She’s a tough soldier, a skilled fighter, and an outspoken buddy. She’s based on a good friend of mine.

I enjoyed the different relationships that developed throughout the course of the story. What were some ideas you wanted to capture while writing?

One of the themes I like to develop in my stories is the mechanic of relationships. A couple meet, clash, become friends, maybe good friends or even lovers, one of them makes a big mistake or cheats on the other, poisoning the relationship, they break up, then some event forces them into a situation where they must solve a problem together. They discover their feeling for each other are stronger than jealousy or disappointments in behavior. All this must be mixed in with a bit of adventure and danger.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’ve just published a new book, “Sea of Sorrows”. It’s about Vietnam vet who returns to Bangkok after a fifty-year absence. He thought his lover from long ago had died in a typhoid epidemic in 1969. However, he discovers she did not die and not only did she live, but she was pregnant with his child when he returned to the battlefield where he was critically wounded. Now he learns his past has been evolving without him.

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The Last Mission of the Seventh Cavalry by [Brindley, Charley]

A unit of the Seventh Cavalry is on a mission over Afghanistan when their plane is hit.

Sergeant James Alexander, Private Kady Sharakova, Private Charley Kawalski, PFC Autumn Eaglemoon, PFC Sparks Campbell, and nine other soldiers bail out of the burning plane.

When they hit the ground, they are not in Afghanistan. Not only are they four thousand miles from their original destination but it appears they have descended two thousand years into the past where primitive forces fight each other with swords and arrows.

The platoon is thrown into a battle where they must choose sides quickly or die. They are swept along in a tide of events so powerful that their courage, ingenuity and weapons are tested to the limits of their durability and strength.

The four women in the unit are trained soldiers, skilled in the art of combat, but they are not prepared for the brutal reality of war. They are more than capable of fighting alongside the men, and, at times, defending the others in close quarters fighting. But when the battle is won, they must come to grips with their destruction of life.

The Seventh is forced to join Hannibal’s army and fight his battles, at least until they can find their way home. However, as their journey takes them over the Alps and down the length of Italy, friendship and even romance begins to form between these hardened soldiers from past and present. Powerful bonds that reshape each soldier’s hopes and dreams for the future.

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How I Grew Up

Lea Ann Vandygriff Author Interview

Lea Ann Vandygriff Author Interview

The relationship between the characters and seeing how they handle situations is always something I look forward to. What was a scene in the book that you particularly enjoyed writing?

When I am writing, sometimes I am just as surprised as the reader at what happens. It is especially fun writing the southern dialect because it comes naturally. I think the best part for me was watching Dillion’s character develop and change when faced with being the head of the family. Dillion had always been a follower, not a leader.

I always enjoy your characters because they feel real. Which character do you feel you relate to the most?

Aubree is based on myself and how I grew up. Though the novel is based on parts of my life, it contains mostly fiction. It will be hard to determine which elements are real and which are fiction — leaving a bit of a challenge for those who do not know me personally.

Will there be a Seasons III?

Yes, the third book is entitled, “Seasons III Unity of One.”

“The enemies of the past must unite with the community against a common enemy.”

I am writing this book as we speak.

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Seasons Ii: Justice Is Not for the Weak by [Vandygriff, Lea Ann]

In the first book, Seasons Once Upon My Innocence, the story began with a young girl who was still naïve and uncorrupted. Through her experiences, the harsh realities of life began to creep in, taking away her and that of her friends’ innocence. A community must bond together in the midst of tragedy.

In Seasons Justice is Not for the Weak, the story continues into high school. The teens face greater challenges and more difficult choices. Justice in the eyes of one may not be the same justice in the eyes of another. There is a fine line when judging others and taking matters into our own hands. Families, individuals, and communities may be destroyed.

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Paradise Remains

Shirin Ariff Author Interview

Shirin Ariff Author Interview

My favorite poem from the collection is Heartbeat. What is your favorite poem from this book.

My favorite poem is Paradise Remains.

The art in this book is beautiful. What was the art collaboration like for this collection?

The artwork by Zunash Ashiqali is phenomenal. Her illustrations are as if she could see my poems through my mind’s eye. Zunash was so aligned with every word and knew exactly what I wanted. I did not have to say anymore than share my poems with her.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

My next book is a tribute to my 4 beautiful children. It is called The Adorables and it will be available by mid 2020.

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Keepsake: A Souvenir of Love by [Ariff, Shirin , Ali, Zunash Ashiq ]

“Keepsake – A Souvenir of Love” is a book inspired by the poet’s love and devotion for the Spiritual. Her poems are inspired by the wisdom of her spiritual journey and the values and ethics she has embraced.

The book contains several inspirational and meditative poems. Each one of them embraces values such as love and devotion, unity in diversity, the simplicity of miracles. The poems are in simple language and filled with emotion that readers can relate to.

The book has been illustrated by graphic designer and digital artist Zunash Ashiq Ali.

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Myths Around the Climate Crisis

Chris Macdonald Author Interview

Chris Macdonald Author Interview

Operation Sustainable Human outlines four pragmatic steps that anyone can take to combat climate change. Why was this an important book for you to write?

As with all of my writing projects, the goal is somewhat simple: to help. I wanted to facilitate effective climate action. I felt that it could be made a lot easier for people and that we could be far more impactful with an optimized strategy. I loved the idea of focusing on the few areas that account for the vast majority of emissions. I also felt that there are many myths around the climate crisis that needed to be cleared up.

I appreciated the science and research used in this book. What kind of research did you undertake for this book?

I am an active scientist and so I am always reading research papers and conducting experiments. And as a lot of my research is about sustainability, I had a huge head start before I sat down to research for the book. I went back to the source papers and tried to gather as many perspectives as possible. Almost a third of the book consists of references and so those who read it are getting a solid synthesis of the current literature. That being said, I also spent a lot of time ensuring that the book was really easy to read and understand, and so, while there may be a lot of scientific research behind the book, it is accessible to anyone. in fact, one of the most common pieces of feedback is that it is really easy to read (the book only takes an hour to complete).

What is one thing that people can start doing today that will help with climate change?

If you are looking for something that has immediate effects, then switching to a plant-based diet is a great place to start. To quote the book:

“Switching to a plant-based diet has rapid, measurable, highly significant results. In a single month, you personally would have saved 600 pounds of CO2, 900 square feet of forest, 1,200 pounds of grain, and 33,000 gallons of water. Just by modifying your diet you can stop funding the leading cause of deforestation, ocean dead-zones, habitat destruction, species extinction, water pollution, methane pollution, and nitrous oxide pollution. In short, it is the single biggest way to reduce your negative impact on our planet.”

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available? 

Right now we are working on the documentary version of the book. If anyone wants to be involved, now is the time to reach out. As for the next book, I have two that I really want to write and so I need to decide which one should go first.

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Operation Sustainable Human: A four-step scientific guide to combat climate change (high impact made simple) by [Macdonald, Chris]Operation Sustainable Human has a refreshingly unique, no BS approach. No speculative theories. No time-wasting. Rather than bombarding the reader with a 100+ item to-do list, this short book offers four, deeply considered, pragmatic steps that account for the vast majority of the problem. Everything is backed by science, clearly referenced, and easy to read. High impact made simple.

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We Are Creating What We Want To Be

Emmanuel Morfoboss Author Interview

Emmanuel Morfoboss Author Interview

Choose a reality… any reality explores how consciousness shapes our reality. Why was this an important book for you to write?

First of all, being a writer is something that I never imagined. My intention to share with everyone all my thoughts, made me start writing. I was always intrigued by the fact that there are countless angles in how everyone translates the concept of health, wealth, and happiness. Every day we see people that they seem to have access to everything they love and also people with a restricted attitude about dealing with their life, their dreams. It is easy for an open-minded person to come to the conclusion that everything is a matter of choice. I strongly believe that our lives obey a universal law which was demonstrated by Newton as the” Law of Action and Reaction”. The secret is when you “choose a reality”, to support as strongly as you can your choice. In my life’s journey, I realized that life is not a process of discovery, but a process of creation. We are not discovering ourselves but we are creating what we want to be.

I appreciated the depth of the discussions in this book and how you incorporate science and philosophy. What kind of research did you undertake for this book?

I wouldn’t call it research. Just my strong interest in that field made me persist in going deeper and deeper. So, one book brought the next and so on. The discoveries of the last decades in Cosmology and Quantum physics, in combination with several philosophical trends gave me the sparkle to try to unify them in a very balanced presentation, not strictly scientific and unapproachable to the most readers but the same time not oversimplified which underestimates the value of the science background.

I found this book to be enlightening. What do you hope readers take away from your book?

I believe that the book will catch the interest not only of the readers interested in quantum physics but for anyone who wants to read about a different approach to life’s perspective. I brought theoretical philosophers and geniuses into one book for any reader to choose the path and reality they would like to adhere by. We ought to ourselves to rely on our willingness and consistency to reach our goals. Choose a reality….any reality is only “a finger pointing the moon” and a prompting that If you can be whatever you choose, why should you choose to be a “copy”?

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I am very excited about my next book, and I love talking about it. It is a children’s book and I am in love with the main characters of that book. As you know, English is not my native language. I met great difficulties during the writing and editing in “Choose a reality….any reality”. There was a moment when I decided the next book to be in my mother tongue for experiencing all the fields of my writing skills. Also, I placed a “bet” about unleashing my imagination and explore what I can do. Please allow me not telling any details about the concept of that book at the present moment. Unfortunately, I am not able to tell you when it will be available because in the case of a children’s book, graphic designing is a great factor and it is a field completely unknown.

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Choose a reality....any reality by [Morfoboss, Emmanuel]How many times have you thought of facing life in a totally different way? How many friends, books, and incidents in your everyday life have made you realize, that you are responsible for your own actions? Do you want to change your lifestyle?

In this book, you are given the opportunity to discover how your consciousness forms your world and your reality. It is time to accept that you are the reason, for all circumstances that transpire in your life. You are the actual force, which creates the motion within the universe. You are the one who directs all universal forces and develops the desires of your imagination.
In this “presentation”, you are offered the opportunity to reflect on yourself, as a forum of wholeness, because you do, in fact, have all the qualities and abilities of “One Universal Force”.

It is time to come to the realization of the famous phrase, “I am one with the Force, and the Force is with me”. It is time to be an “El Mago” (wizard) in embracing your life with all the magic, which is accompanied by the most powerful force of the universe, “LOVE”.

Love thyself, for all things, whereas, when you think about them, your heart begins to beat faster. You are given an opportunity to reevaluate the fundamental principles, which define all human kind, for creating a life as a piece of art, which ultimately is completely blissful.

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No Exaggeration!

Dr. Lakhwinder Singh Multani Author Interview

Dr. Lakhwinder Singh Multani Author Interview

Revealers and Revelations attempts to philosophize a variety of medical topics. Why was this an important book for you to write?

Ans This book was very important for me to write because i extensively studied western philosophy from ancient to modern school of thought. This study was to learn about the scientific exploits of various philosophers. I realized that our modern science has its roots in the ancient and medieval philosophy of western philosophers. This study compelled me to give befitting tribute to various philosophers and their philosophies. Keeping it in mind i applied philosophical approach to describe various medical topics without trivializing them. I have tried to present this book to my readers to study and enjoy as well and of course it is as authentic as any medical text book. No exaggeration!

I thought this book was well researched. What kind of research did you undertake to write this book?

Ans I studied ancient philosophy of western world from various authors, begining with Pre-Socratics and continued the research till the modern philosophy of Sigmund Freud. I revised my own medical text books on various topics especially Genes, Genome, Stress, Cancer and Human Nature to equip myself with new thoughts which i couldn’t appreciate during my post graduation course in Internal Medicine. To expand the horizon of my thought i had to immerse myself in the writings of many authors. Some notable works which i researched with great passion were ‘Sofie’s World’ by Jostein Gaarder, Red Queen and Genome by Matt Ridley, Gene Machine by Venki Rama Krishnan. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s novel Cancer Ward was a fictional novel but it added a lot to my information regarding the subject. Other books which i immersed myself in were Robert Bazel’s HER-2, the Plague by Albert Camus, One renegade cell by Robert Weinberg. Sidhartha Mukharjee’s great works like Emperer of all Maladies and Gene were very wonderful reading, Death of cancer cell by Vincent T Devita JR MD, The fifth miracle by Paul Devis, Illness and its Metaphors by Susan Sontag was mind blowing to read. Then to learn about Stress i did the indepth analysis of Sickning Mind by Paul Martin and to have touch of spirituality in my works i dived deep into the works of the all time great poet painter and philosopher Khalil Gibran. I can’t recollect many Journals, notes and essays which by various great writers were of great help to satisfy my innerself.

This book delves into deep discussions of genes and genomes. What was your driving motivation for discussing this subject?

Ans My driving motivation was; to be honest is to become a writer and to get literary fame. I am inspired by the lifes of Khalil Gibran, Sigmund Freud, George Bernard Shaw, AynRand, Susan Sontag, Spinoza, David Hume, Fyodor Dostoyevsky and the author of Genome and Red Queen, Matt Ridely.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Ans I am working on the study of genes and the genesis of cancer and its impact on our society, its prevention and latest intervention to tackle this monster. I am yet to give name to my new book which of course will be very informative, This may be available at the end of next year.

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Revealers and Revelations: is a research work borne out of passion to know Philosophy and Philosophers and an attempt to philosophise various Medical topics without trivialising them. Begining from Pre-Socratics till Sigmund Freud is a pleasant tour of philosophy. This book describes gene from ‘principle’ of Aristotle to four letters (A.C.G.T) and Genome. Nothing is more important to human lives than the Guardian angel of genome, the gene TP53 which obviates the immortal illness…the Cancer. Described in a literary style as ….A thief in the night; the cancer once an obscure disease and now a defining plague of modern era; its various incarnations and monstrous character is stripped naked in this work. And finally Stress to Eustress to negotiate with uncertainties of human life . And that Human nature as a history of sexual evolution than the natural evolution is beautifully explained to be comprehended even by a lay man!

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Norse Mythology

Glenn Searfoss Author Interview

Glenn Searfoss Author Interview

Cycles of Norse Mythology does a fantastic job of reinvigorating old mythology and breathing new life into their stories. What was the inspiration that made you want to write this book?

I grew up knowing of Odin, Loki, and Thor long before reading comic books. But when I decided to learn more about the Norse gods and goddesses, I became dissatisfied. All the summary sources (e.g. Bullfinches’ Mythology) were about a handful of male gods; they provided little if any information about the goddesses and the animals that populated the world of Norse Mythology. Talking with other people, I found the same limited information.

So, I began researching the topic, more for my own understanding than anything else. Sharing what I knew with others inevitably resulted in requests for more background and tales from earlier in the mythology. So, I had to do more research and to write more stories. Ultimately, this work expanded to encompass the entire breadth of Norse Mythology.

I thought the research was deep delivered easily. What kind of research did you undertake for this book?

Cycles of Norse Mythology is the culmination of 16 years intensive study of Norse myths that involved consuming research literature, multiple translations of works (from 900 – 1400 AD), and story compilations published since the late 1700’s to the present.

I hunted public and university libraries for references. I sought out period references, such as Tacitus’ The Agricola and the Germainia and Ibn Fadlan’s Journey to Russia. I searched new, used, and rare bookstores for any reference. I dug into cited references and searched for those. I still encounter new references (i.e. works from 875 to 1400s), and I hope there are translations.

Always seeking something cleaner, with less bias, I found the following website provided me with an international access to reference source materials:

The Internet Archive, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Like a paper library, they provide free access to researchers, historians, scholars, and the public.

Was there anything that surprised you during your research regarding Norse mythology?

I had several great surprises in store:

  1. There was more depth and more humanity in the traditional characters of the Norse Gods than the superficial figures found in many pieces of modern literature and in film. For example, a modern viewpoint has Thor’s hammer as a symbol of storm and war. Whereas, in the traditional myths his hammer was actually a symbol of consecration and protection.
  2. The foundation of our knowledge on Norse Myth is based on fragments of what once was a full oral tradition. And the accuracy of those fragments is subject to question.
  3. The primary source of our knowledge regarding Norse Myth are the Codex Regius (1270s) and the Codex Wormianus (mid-1400s), of which editions of the Poetic Edda (~985 -1000AD) and the Prose Edda (~1220 AD) are a part. These were written down in Iceland, which wholesale converted to Christianity in 900AD to avoid the bloody religious conversions that had wracked Norway and Sweden. Since the writings were filtered through the lens of several generations raised under Christianity, and it appears only those tales and the portions of those tales which did not conflict too much with Church doctrine were kept, they are likely subject to differences in tone, focus, character presentation, and bias that are different than the traditional unfiltered belief.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’m currently finishing up a fiction novel that pays homage to three great Victorian characters of literary fiction: Sherlock Holmes, Dr. James Watson, and M_______―the time traveler of H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine. It is set firmly in the Victorian era, with all the social attitudes and prejudices of that time. I am hoping it will be out next spring.

A new work under development involves the Sigurd Myth, but it is too early to provide a timeframe.

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These stories are old, old as the Behmer Wold and seldom in life has there been such a brewing…

Cycles of Norse Mythology captures the passion, cruelty, and heroism of an ancient world. Encompassing Odin’s relentless pursuit of wisdom across the nine worlds, Gullveig’s malicious death at the hands of the Æsir that sparks a brutal war with the Vanir, Thor’s battles against the giants of Jotunheim, the tragedy of Volund, the many devious machinations of Loki, and the inescapable events of Ragnarök, this lyrical re-imagining of the Norse myths presents the gripping adventures of the Norse gods and their foes in a style to delight modern readers of all ages.

A detailed glossary provides a quick reference to the meaning behind names and terms used in the book.

A Source Reference is included for persons who want to delve deeper into the study of Norse mythology.

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An Addictive Virtual Reality

T. C. Weber Author Interview

T. C. Weber Author Interview

Sleep State Interrupt follows Waylee as she fights against big media’s omnipresent influence on society. What was the inspiration for the setup to this intriguing novel?

I’ve always been worried about the concentration of media and the decline of journalism, and the threats those trends pose to independent, critical thought and democracy. I’ve also been worried by the ever-increasing power of governments and corporations to record and manipulate every facet of our lives. But things could get worse—much worse.

Imagine an Internet where you could only access sites affiliated with Verizon, Comcast, or AT&T. Imagine that you could only watch Verizon-owned shows or movies, and this choice was limited to those deemed most profitable. Imagine if there was only one source of news, and that “news” was sophisticated propaganda. Imagine political opinions having to be approved by a corporate censor board.

This is what could happen now that the Federal Communications Commission, headed by a former Verizon lawyer, has overturned net neutrality. Instead of all data being transmitted equally, Internet service providers can act as gatekeepers, intentionally favoring some websites and content over others.

Sleep State Interrupt explores a possible outcome of these trends. In the book, a huge corporation (MediaCorp) works with governments to upgrade the Internet with ultra-fast fiber optic lines, more efficient switching, and better security. In the process, MediaCorp spreads money to the right people, and gains control of the Internet backbone. They use that to prioritize their own data flows or those companies that pay them a premium. Their stock goes through the roof, they crush or buy out their competitors, and MediaCorp gains control of nearly all information. Politicians do their bidding if they want to win elections. Most people are kept in the dark or misled. Everything they do is recorded and analyzed. MediaCorp also creates an addictive virtual reality called BetterWorld, which becomes so popular, it overtakes the physical economy.

Certainly, some would fight such a concentration and abuse of power. In Sleep State Interrupt, the heroes are marginalized people with no official influence. But based on my observations of activists, anyone with enough determination and skill can confront powerful entrenched interests and make a difference. If there’s an optimistic side to this novel, it’s that anyone can be a hero and anyone can impact the world.

Waylee is a unique and well-developed character. What were some themes behind her character motivations?

In the book, Baltimore journalist Waylee Freid decides to challenge the threat posed by MediaCorp. She’s frustrated because she can’t reach an audience, nor can anyone else who challenges the status quo. She’s an idealist who believes in freedom of information and yearns for a world where everyone has a meaningful life and access to basic necessities. On a personal level, Waylee bears a grudge against MediaCorp for buying out her paper, firing her, and putting her in the hospital (events that occur in the opening chapter). She attempts to end MediaCorp’s monopoly by exposing their machinations to the world and bringing down their corrupt political supporters (especially President Rand).

Waylee is outgoing and charismatic, and has a large circle of friends and acquaintances. She is extremely creative and resourceful, with a quick wit. But she seethes with inner anger, which arose from a violent childhood, poverty, and a hatred of bullies. She was sixteen, and her sister only seven, when they fled Philadelphia and the drunken fists of her stepfather and mother. Baltimore was as far as the contents of her mother’s purse could take them.

Waylee also struggles with cyclothymia (a type of bipolar disorder), but can’t afford medicine (which doesn’t help anyway) or therapy, especially after she loses her job. She embraces her hypomanic phase, which increases her creativity and energy. But when depressed, she fears her life is pointless and the world is hopeless. Her condition worsens under the stress of trying to complete her mission while being relentlessly pursued by the authorities.

Genre literature rarely features protagonists with mental illnesses. Yet such conditions are fairly common (2-7% of people in the U.S. have bipolar disorder). They don’t detract from a person’s worth.

I enjoyed the social commentary that popped up throughout this novel. What were some ideals that you felt drove the novel’s development?

The protagonists each have their own set of ideals, although there are overlaps. All believe in a free and open Internet, which was its creators’ original intent. Individualism is also a common hacker ethos. Pel, Charles, and Dingo are strong individualists (although their personalities differ quite a bit).

Waylee wants a free society that is governed democratically and collaboratively, and opposes narrow concentrations of power and wealth. “There’s plenty of money and resources to solve the world’s problems,” she says in the book. “But the handful of people who control most of the world’s wealth and power live in their own stratosphere and want to keep it that way… MediaCorp is their mouthpiece, manufacturing fake realities and keeping people distracted and divided.”

Shakti believes that everyone should have equal freedom from restraint (limited only by respect for the rights of others) and everyone should have as nearly as possible equal access to basic resources, thus ensuring equal (or near-equal) freedom to act. She also believes that humanity is a part of nature, and must re-learn this interconnection in order to survive.

M’patanishi (“M-pat”) is a proponent of Ujamaa (community-scale African socialism) and has brought this concept to Baltimore. Well-paying jobs are few, and government services have all but disappeared. But people can work collectively within their neighborhood to meet each others’ basic needs (food, medicine, security, etc.)

This is book one in the BetterWorld trilogy. Where does book two pick up the story?

In Wrath of Leviathan, the second book of the BetterWorld trilogy, Waylee faces life in prison for daring to expose MediaCorp’s schemes to control the world. Exiled in São Paulo, her sister Kiyoko and their hacker friends continue the fight, seeking to end the conglomerate’s stranglehold on virtual reality, information, and politics. But MediaCorp and their government allies may quash the rebellion before it takes off. And unknown to Kiyoko and her friends, a team of ruthless mercenaries is after them, and is closing in fast. The Wrath of Leviathan (See Sharp Press; ISBN 978-1947071018) is available at most online book outlets.

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Sleep State Interrupt by [Weber, T.C.]In Sleep State Interrupt, a giant media corporation has taken over the Internet, created an addictive virtual reality called BetterWorld, and controls nearly all information. Politicians do their bidding and a brainwashed humanity serves a privileged few. Waylee Freid, an unemployed Baltimore journalist with ever-worsening bipolar disorder, is the only hope for a brighter future. She and her countercultural friends bust a notorious teenage hacker out of jail and sneak into a closed presidential fundraiser at the Smithsonian castle, where they hope to record incriminating admissions that will wake up the world. Hunted by Homeland Security, Waylee and her friends must reach a sufficient audience by broadcasting their video during the Super Bowl. But to do so, they’ll have to break into one of the most secure facilities ever built.

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I’ll Just Write A Story

J.F.T. Author Interview

J.F.T. Author Interview

Somewhere Enchanted follows a warrior who must brave a cursed forest to save his village. What was the inspiration behind the setup to this intriguing story?

To tell you the truth since the age of 12 maybe younger and I just can’t remember, I’ve been writing short stories in their numbers, I just sit down put pen on paper and the stories come flooding through… with this story, I couldn’t sleep one night, being strongly irritated by a condition I wish to keep private for now, so I thought ‘damn it I’ll just write a story’, this was to be the first time doing it in more than twenty years… soon as I put pen on paper despite the pain and heavy distraction my illness caused, the story came flooding through… Using notepad on my phone and Safari (for reserch) I was able to complete the first full draft in a few hours…

Grettos is a captivating character and I appreciated how you established his character in a few lines. How did you plan his character development?

I just let the story flow through, I let the story dictate and determine the roles and attributes the character should possess, constantly going back to make adjustments according to what direction the story went…

I enjoyed the world you’ve created in this story. Will you expand this world in other stories?

Maybe not all because I have many fresh new stories in my back catalog with whole new worlds to be described, I might not have the time to return back to this project, but if I receive many requests for it I might be convinced to return or expand it… In my opinion 90% of sequels don’t hold up to their predecessor… My true preference is to leave that world alone and move on to a new world… maybe leave it for someone else with a fresher outlook to expand on, that’ll be more fun…

What is the next novel that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’m torn between 2 or 3 stories (depending on how you look at it), I drafted one titled “Everything You Hoped For” which is a YA book about a young man who goes through certain stages in his earlier life to gain acceptance from himself and society, but a lot of things happen as he (and readers who relate to the character) ultimately gets all he’s hoped for… then I want to create a contrasting story sort of like an alternative to it called “Everthing You Could Have Hoped For” which will offer another direction to the same story, the audiobook version will also have different narrators to spice things up and both stories will be released at the same time… I want to do something different to what’s being done today…

So that’s 2 stories or one story in 2 versions, depending on how you want to look at it…

The 3rd story be a thriller Fiction story, about something that hunts a Prince and his family, that’s all I want to give away on that one, except that it would be titled “Vengeful Strike” If you’ve seen the trailer of the “Somewhere Enchanted” audiobook, you’ll notice the narrator of the trailer – different from the book’s narrator- has a unique voice (trailer link included below), I wish to use him in this story should he be available at the time…

Author Links: GoodReads | Facebook

Somewhere Enchanted by [J.F.T.]A cursed forest guarded by an ancient and powerfulbeing. A troubled village on the brink of self-destruction. Onewarrior’s quest to save the ones he loves.

For countless generations the inhabitants of the village named Elnubriumhave passed down one rule: Never enter the forest that surrounds them.Hidden deep beyond its borders is a world full of secrets and wonders to behold, but also death to those that don’t belong. However, the village is slowly dying, blocked by impassable mountains and the ancientforest, there isn’t enough room to provide for people of Elnubrium. Ifsomething isn’t done soon, drastic measures will be taken to preservethe current way of life in the village.

Somewhere Enchanted is a captivating story full of fantasy, love, and sacrifice.

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Heroes Come in All Shapes and Sizes

David Levin Author Interview

David Levin Author Interview

Phase Rider finds the universe being devoured by a mysterious force and Earth’s scientists must rally to find a solution. What was the inspiration behind the idea for this novel?

A phase transition occurred in the past, before current life developed on the earth. We know it today as the “Big Bang.” Fortunately, our life sprang from it rather than being destroyed by it. However, what if it happens again . . . tomorrow?

The science used in this story seems well thought out. What kind of research did you undertake for this novel and the ideas behind the technology?

Reading articles by theoretical physicists and astronomers and watching the Science Channel.

I enjoyed the well developed characters in Phase Rider. What were some themes that were important for you to capture in your characters?

Every human has value; society ought to be guided by the principle that technological advancement should give way to morality; great accomplishments can be found in the most unlikely places; heroes come in all shapes and sizes; a man’s power is not determined by his muscle but, rather, by his character.

What is the next novel that you are working on and when will it be available?

I am in the middle of a sequel, Molly’s Mission, which should be finished by the summer of 2020.

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Phase Rider: A LightLit® Book by [Levin, David]When humanity’s finest scientists spotted it, they checked and rechecked their calculations—then checked them again. Appallingly, unthinkably, they were right—a mysterious anomaly was systematically devouring the universe. Moving faster than the speed of light, it would reach earth’s solar system in well under a year, maybe sooner. Should they alert the world’s people? No, better to let them live out their last months in peace instead of enduring the social breakdown that would surely result if they knew. Scientists predicted the stars would blink out ominously as the phase transition swept toward them like a cosmic forest fire, followed by . . . nothingness.

Then, a single ray of hope appears. The imposing Dr. Ayana, one of the world’s foremost mathematicians, has just discovered the secrets of the initial state of the universe, and his discovery might be a way to reverse the phase transition. It is humanity’s only chance. But it will require travel to the farthest reaches of the universe using unproven technology and will almost certainly mean the death of the astronaut from intense radiation. Where will they find a pilot with the skills for such a journey, and who is also willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the survival of humanity? Just when earth’s final shot at survival seems to be fading away, an unlikely candidate is found in the last place the scientists would think to look.

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