Increase Book Sales FAQ’s

Question: How will this service improve my book sales?

Answer: Whether you put time and money into various marketing activities or readers find your book randomly on Amazon, every reader ends up on your Amazon book page. However they get to your book, your job is not over until readers click that buy button. Your Amazon book page is the critical last step any marketing plan needs to succeed. You may spend a lot of money and time advertising your book and promoting it on social media, but all those activities ultimately lead readers to your Amazon book page, where they have to decide if your book is worth the price, and they do that by looking at these 9 critical elements.

Question: What kind of feedback will I receive with this service?

Answer: We will analyze the critical elements of your Amazon book page and provide specific feedback on how to improve each element. You will receive a one page breakdown on each element that we analyze. We’ll tell you what works and what needs to be improved, and more importantly we’ll tell you how to improve it. You’ll give specific feedback tailored to your book and we’ll provide instructions, links, and services that will help you make the necessary changes. Our team will be here throughout the entire process to answer any questions.

Question: Will I get help with fixing anything that’s wrong with my Amazon book page?

Answer: Yes. We’ll provide specific advice and services that will help you improve any elements that we found to need improvement. We’ll provide advice on how to improve those elements on your own, and we’ll also provide links to premium services that will take those elements to a whole new level. Our team will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Question: When should I use this service?

Answer: You should use our service before beginning any marketing efforts and after you have your book published on Amazon. You need a critical evaluation of your Amazon book page before starting any marketing efforts to make sure that you’re not wasting time and money bringing readers to an Amazon page that is not convincing readers to buy your book. Amazon has millions of products, customers can get easily distracted, let’s keep the focus on your book by improving these 9 critical elements.

Question: What is the Amazon Scorecard that you provide with this service?

Answer: Our Amazon Scorecard is similar to a report card you may have received in school. The scorecard gives a letter grade for each element from A (meaning the element is excellent and doesn’t need improvement) to F (meaning the element can drastically be improved). In addition to the letter grades we also provide specific critical feedback on each element to help you improve it. The letter grade helps you determine if it’s worth the time and effort to make the suggested corrections.

Question: Can I use this service to improve my other book pages like Barnes & Noble and my author website?

Answer: Yes. These elements exist on the majority of platforms where you sell your book. While our Amazon Scorecard is geared toward your Amazon book page, our feedback can be applied to make improvements wherever your book is sold.

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