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Increase Book Sales by Improving Your Amazon Book Page

Improve Your Book Sales

By Improving Your Amazon Page

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Why Improve Your Amazon Book Page?

Whether you put time and money into marketing your book or readers found it by browsing on Amazon, your book page needs to convince them that your book is a well-crafted product that they should spend their time and money on. Is your book page convincing readers to buy your book? There are nine key elements to a successful Amazon book page that, when done right, will turn potential readers into current readers. If your book sales are low or nonexistent, it’s likely that your Amazon page needs a make-over and we can help.

How It Works

We evaluate 9 critical elements that make or break your Amazon book page.



Your title should hook the reader and convey a little bit about the tone of your book. Does your title generate interest and intrigue readers?



Your cover should be clickbait. In the digital world everything is clickable. Do potential readers want to click on your book cover?



Your book price shouldn’t make readers think twice about buying your book. Is your price too high, too low, or just right?



Your book blurb should tell the reader a little about your book, but above all else it should sell your book. Does your blurb sell your book?



Book reviews act as social proof. Readers often don’t even consider a product that has no reviews. But how many reviews do you need?



There is an entire section on Amazon dedicated to Editorial Reviews. This tells you how important they are. Are you using it correctly?


Author Photo

Your author photo helps you connect with readers and turns you from just a name into a person. Does your author photo help you connect with readers?


Author Bio

The About the Author section helps readers connect with you and is another marketing tool. Does your author bio help sell your book?


A+ Content

The A+ Content section has just been made available to indie authors. Are you using it correctly?

Amazon Scorecard

We then give you a detailed Scorecard that grades each element of your Amazon book page.

We’ll tell you what’s working and what needs to be fixed. We also give you specific advice on how to improve it and resources that will help you make the necessary changes.

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Money Back Guarantee

If we find nothing wrong with your Amazon book page we’ll refund your purchase.

We Handle The Technical Details

While this service focuses on your Amazon book page, these elements exist on all book selling platforms. Improving your Amazon book page will help you improve these key elements wherever your book is sold.

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