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A New Day Dawns

A New Day Dawns: My Solo Journey Into West Africa (Travels With Terry Book 2) by [Terry Lister]

In A New Day Dawns Terry Lister takes readers through his day-to-day adventure on his excursion to West Africa. Terry visits Sierra Leon, Liberia, Ivory Coast, and Ghana over several weeks’ time. While visiting these countries in West Africa we learn about some of their history, challenges the people have there, and get a good look into the daily life of living in this part of the world. Terry talks a lot about how areas were settled by former slaves that made their way back to Africa. He visits many of the first settlements and churches. Readers learn the history of the buildings and how they compare to other structures in the area. This book is like reading a walking tour of the region.

This interesting travel memoir is relatively short, only 182 pages. In it Lister includes photos he took and maps of the region. There is a heavy focus on traveling from one place to another. Lister compares the experience to that of Bermuda, which is his home, a few times. Parts of the book read like a Yelp review, other parts read like a cautionary tail of what to avoid at all costs. The photos of the churches and other landmarks were nice. Although they were not professional photographs, some were blurry and hard to figure out what they were, but this added to the feel that you are reading a personal diary of the trip, not a book intended to give in depth information on the area. This casual style is engaging and leaves you wanting to know more about what the experience would be for the average traveler, not someone on a paid tour, or someone looking to write for a travel magazine. It was all very real and down to earth.

I found myself laughing at times over the travel arrangements he endured while also being horrified. His experience with the health officer to enter Libera was one such situation. You hear of corruption but having someone document it so bluntly is different than the word-of-mouth stories you come across. I believe there were times that Lister feared for his life on some of the roads, or in his dealings with some of the tour guides that he ended up with. This is not a trip for people accustomed to fun and easy travel. This is however a great description for those looking to travel through history, to see how the slaves that made it back to Africa turned their freedom into a new life. Terry Lister also gives readers a clear image of what to expect when haggling with locals on prices for rooms, goods, and travel. There are some good tips provided and a lot of lessons learned. This is a good book for those that just want to see things from an unpolished viewpoint, there is no sales pitch, just raw real life experience.

Pages: 202 | ASIN: B09K5V2L27

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