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Like A Hero

Like a Hero by Micheal J Bowler is an exciting story that follows the life of a superhero named Invictus, the brainchild of two young brothers who want to make the world a better place. However, only the older brother can wear the suit and fight the bad guys, the other must stay at home and man the police radio. Readers are first introduced to the hero of our story as he saves a group of classmates from a flaming helicopter. As tensions rise between the boys, the youngest brother struggles to resist the siren song of the criminal underworld. 

Offering a fun twist on the genre, Like A Hero incorporates classic superhero staples whilst maintaining a fresh and interesting take. The author draws upon his background working in the juvenile justice system to explore how societal expectations of class, race and sexuality can impact young people’s lives. Invictus himself possess no superpowers, he is simply fueled by the boy’s ambition to remedy the injustices they see happening to the vulnerable people in their community. Though tackling dark themes, it is an uplifting young adult novel about sensitive characters striving to leave the world better than how they found it. 

This action adventure novel would be an exciting read for teenage audiences, especially those who struggle with the themes described. Like a Hero has a lot of heart, exciting action, and a genuine message. It is clear that the author is passionate about the ideas he explores in his work because it is felt in the story.

Pages: 435 | ASIN: B0B9VBLH41

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Lion – Most Wanted

Having made the decision to turn his back on freedom and conduct a daring jailbreak from a Russian prison, Aslan Terzi is now the most wanted man in the world. Hunted by agencies and mercenaries, with little to no allies, he must rely on all his skills if he is to come away with his life. Driven by their own motives, his enemies will not rest until he is dead and buried. But the one thing Aslan knows how to do is fight and his enemies will soon learn why he has been given the title, The Lion.

Lion: Most Wanted by Douglas Misquita is the second book in the authors thrilling Escape series. It follows up on the events of the first book and continues the story of Aslan Terzi, who is now on the run. I really enjoyed this book. It was a rollercoaster of an adventure that is filled with high octane thrills and intense action. I enjoyed it so much that I could not put the book down and finished it fairly quickly.

The plot of the story was easy to follow and fairly straightforward, but the magic happens in the adrenaline fueled way the author delivers all of it. The language is descriptive and visceral and really moved the story along at a nice pace.

Although layered with subplots and a multitude of characters, it wasn’t difficult to follow. Each character was essential to the narrative and I felt I really understood each of their motives and agendas. While this is the second book in a series I think you can still read this book as a standalone novel without feeling lost. This is due to the great writing which catches the reader up where necessary, but also due to the fact that this is easily a self contained action adventure novel.

Lion: Most Wanted is a slick and explosive action-thriller that is wildly entertaining and fun to read.

Pages: 221 | ASIN: B09ZJCG8CZ

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Pantheon: The Phantom

Pantheon: The Phantom is Joshua Landeros’s second book in the Pantheon series. It is a sweeping fantasy epic that manages to carry on the first book’s story while expanding its world and bringing in enjoyable new characters.

The book is set in Landeros’s world of Avah and follows its people as they come to terms with the events of the first book and struggle to recover from the Hollow Wars. Just as people were hoping things were calming down, a new threat, the Pact of Ram has, arisen. As this new threat rises every allied nation is called to combat it. But who is really behind this new threat, and who can be trusted?

While this may be a conflict that spans nations, Landeros makes the wise choice of focusing his narrative on the everyday people dragged into it. The Phantom primarily focuses on Palkan Sowell, his daughter Athaliah and the rest of their people as they are pulled into a conflict they want nothing to do with.

The book features a diverse range of characters, and Landeros excels at fleshing them out. As in his earlier works, Landeros focuses on characters from all sides of the conflict, emphasizing their motivations, whether political, religious or purely self-preserving. While at first, the lines between good and evil seem clear cut, over time, it becomes increasingly clear that not everyone can be trusted, and even the heroes might have to get their hands dirty.

This is still a sweeping epic, however. When Landeros isn’t focusing on his individual characters, he is writing massive battles that often follow several different perspectives at once. While his writing is excellent across the board, Landeros’s writing is at its best when he is in the thick of battle. His battles are bloody, violent, and well-paced.

The pacing, in general, is excellent. Landeros deftly manages the balancing act of fleshing out the world he has created, forming deep characters, and keeping the pacing brisk. While his characters are enjoyable enough that I would have liked to spend more time with them, Landeros makes the wise choice to keep the plot moving ever onward.

The world-building is excellent here. Landeros has created his own world and filled it with different nations, races, and peoples, all with their own in-depth histories. Thankfully Landeros avoids too much exposition, and the reader gets to learn about his world in an organic way rather than being bogged down in lengthy explanations and exposition. If you’re a fan of fantasy epics, exciting battle scenes, or political intrigue, The Phantom is the book for you. While it might be a good idea to start with the first book if you want to follow everything, as a newbie Landeros made me feel welcome and I was never too lost. Highly recommended.

Pages: 313 | ASIN : B096L6QJT9

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Princess Hope & Snowflake The Quest

Princess Hope lives on beautiful Rainbow Island alongside her beloved father, White Eagle, and the members of her tribe. When threatened by a band of bloodthirsty pirates, Princess Hope uses her abilities to ask her animal friends for aid in protecting her home. However, after clashing with the pirates, Hope’s world is suddenly turned even further upside down as she stands on the brink of losing her beloved father forever. Embarking on an epic quest alongside Snowflake, the white grizzly cub with blue eyes, Spirit the eagle, Lobo the wolf, and Thor the cougar, Princess Hope must learn the true meaning of selflessness and sacrifice as she fights for her father’s life.

Princess Hope and Snowflake: The Quest by Clark W. Colepaugh is a unique adventure that takes place in the Pacific. Hope and the people of Rainbow Island have many elements of Native American culture, with neighboring islands infused with the myths and legends of the Pacific Islands. Young Hope is a stalwart girl who is willing to risk everything to protect those she loves, and she and her animal companions learn many valuable lessons about heroism along the way. The story is fast-paced and kept my interest throughout its pages, which feature gorgeous full-color photographs. Hope’s journey spoke to my heart as the quest full of twists and turns swiftly progressed to a satisfying conclusion.

There were a few places in the story where the action slowed for explanatory purposes but remained interesting nonetheless. In addition, numerous type errors were distracting; however, the plot is so intriguing that it overcomes these minor difficulties with ease as Hope continues her quest.

One unique addition to this extraordinary novel is the inclusion of songs and poetry. These additions allow readers to feel a deeper connection with the characters and story. Music can touch people’s souls in a way that prose does not always do; thus, the inclusion of these allows readers to become fully emersed in the journey of characters.

Princess Hope and Snowflake: The Quest is a one-of-a-kind narrative about family, courage, and sacrifice. Its originality and highly compelling story make this novel stand out in children’s fiction. Recommended for ages 12 and up due to violence and blood, this unique tale is an out-of-the-box adventure that pulls the reader into a rich world of mythology and the value of friendship. An unforgettable journey to save a father’s life, the story of Princess Hope and Snowflake is a tale of courage and wisdom in the face of danger.

Pages: 109 | ASIN : B0BGMMWHFS

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Symbiotech: An Eerden Novel

It just seems like the band cannot catch a break. No matter how far they run or how well they hide, their nemesis always manages to catch up with them. This time, the relentless Cosmin is holding Kai’s mother and Ellinor’s parents hostage. All it would take to secure their release is the delivery of the precious Fiss, an incredibly powerful magical creature that shares a unique bond with Ellinor. Bent on securing the release of the hostages and hopefully putting a permanent end to the feud with Cosmin, Ellinor, Kai, Jelani, Izza, Oihana and Fiss set out on a dangerous mission with plenty of twists and turns.

Author C.E. Clayton returns with Symbiotech, the third book in the epic Ellinor series and boy does it deliver the trademark thrills of the Ellinor Rask-focused stories in truckloads! Action-packed, pulsating, and gripping, this chunky fantasy novel delights from start to finish.

Although Symbiotech is a long read, you would likely not mind as it’s a real page-turner that unravels in a world filled with alluring magic and exciting tech. It also helps that Clayton sets the stakes high early on and teases what to expect throughout the journey right out of the gate.

Clayton’s writing is sharp and has gotten better over the series. She knows how to build anticipation where necessary, and where she has to, she drops a shocker out of nowhere that produces that priceless jarring effect only great writing can generate. Throw in the emotional rollercoaster she effortlessly takes you on and you would be right to describe Symbiotech as a genuinely immersive experience. The writing style is straightforward and descriptive, nothing superfluous or extravagant. Instead, Clayton is precise and detailed, ensuring she paints as vivid a picture as possible. She also ensures that each character’s unique voice shines through, which makes them memorable and hard to say bye to. The world development is also impressive. It’s compelling and supports the story in a way that delivers an intriguing and cohesive narrative.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Symbiotech, and I’m grateful that Clayton served a full-course meal with the concluding part of the trilogy. Long time fans of this epic science fiction series will come away feeling satisfied.

Pages: 527 | ASIN: B0BKC2MXNR

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Manifest Destiny

Jaiden Baynes Author Interview

Manifest Destiny: An Unholy Alliance follows two beings with superhuman capabilities and a hunger for power who join forces to take what they want using whatever means necessary. In fantasy novels, it’s easy to get carried away with the characters’ magical powers. How did you balance the use of supernatural powers?

To balance the use of supernatural powers I set clear rules for what they could and could not do. For example, while the power of flight removes a lot of obstacles for those characters, all that means is that other world-building tools need to be used to ensure that this power does not invalidate conflict in the plot. I keep an extensive document of notes on how the Power system works in order to know its limits so as to not break the story. While the power of the characters may seem absurd, this is for thematic purposes: it is supposed to seem ridiculous how much power so few people can horde.

I also balance the use of powers with the story by showing the limits of raw power in its capacity to solve problems by giving complex problems that strength alone cannot resolve. Power is made to represent things metaphorically and allegorically. Even if it seems powerful or unfair, if it evil there is always a way to overcome it.

I try to make sure that the use of Power always ties in to a character or thematic purpose. Typically tied to the character that wields that unique power for character purposes. If the character represents something, the power will do the same. Say a villain with a specific type of flaw has the power of immortality: this supernatural power might be trying to communicate just how difficult it can be to vanquish that vice.

Calling the supernatural powers “Power” was an intentional attempt to get many good phrases that could have deeper and double meanings. The reader will be made to think if I am talking about the supernatural and magic power… or something far more tangible in the real world.

I restrained myself from putting in the most extreme or powerful abilities. The goal is to pace things across different books: each region and era have their own unique uses of Power that gain and fall out of prominence. The Power system grows more complex and powerful as things progress and advance just like real world military capabilities. This allows for variety so that the Power system will feel new and exciting with every new addition that the reader gets their hands on.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

I hoped to get many themes and messages to readers of the book. Just a few would be:

  • The corrupting influence of power and how it influences the human condition
  • The insanely large gap in power between those in positions of authority and those they rule over
  • The evils of imperialism and colonialism
  • The historic failures and problems of the past that influence so many modern problems in the present
  • The only difference between Pirates and Emperors is the scale of their atrocities.
  • Idealizing the past is a mistake and potentially very harmful. Yearning for a bygone age that never was, can lead to bad things.
  • Violence and war are not things to be idealized.
  • The eternal conflict between tyranny of the oppressors and the freedom of the oppressed.
  • Money and power do not necessarily equate to happiness.

The book is an attempt to portray the whitewashed tradition of noble kings and knights from fantasy novels with more historical accuracy. Address the real-world problems with tyrannical monarchies rather than glamorize them as a bygone paradise.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

The sequel to this book is Manifest Destiny: By Any Means Necessary which will focus on what comes after our heroes’ happily ever after. In the far future of the first book, it seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same. I’m very excited for that book and think it’s even better than the first. And the third book is well underway as well. If all goes well, both books will be available in 2023.

I’ve almost nearly completed the first installment of the next series that will be coming after Manifest Destiny. A series of books diving into the mythology of the Manifest Destiny Universe set in a completely different time and place. A lot of it seems very similar to our own with… slight alterations. The book will be examining my reimagining of Greco-Roman myth using realworld comparative mythology analysis. Mixed in with the fantasy fun, I hope to actually educate readers on the exciting world of myth studies and Indo-European mythology.

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A glorious future awaits the unholy alliance between Norne the Machiavellian ice witch and Chaos the demon-spawned wild man. First, Arcosia. Next, the Universe.
“The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must.” — Thucydides
Just how much death and destruction are two youths willing to inflict on innocents in the name of furthering their power?
For Norne, it seems her only choice in securing Arcosia’s future is marrying into Tartarus nobility. After all, the end justifies the means.
But fate has other plans.
When she chanced upon Chaos, her whole world was flipped upside down. Standing before her is a man who not only equals her appetite for anarchy, but also shares her ambitions of supremacy.
And so, the unholy alliance is forged.
It won’t be long before people will cower in fear at the mere mention of their names. Blood will run the streets and their power and influence will be felt to the farthest corners of the Universe.
But how will they do it? And will they succeed?
Find out for yourself in “Manifest Destiny: An Unholy Alliance” by prolific writer Jaiden Baynes.
If you’re looking for a tantalizing read filled with chaos, destruction, betrayal, and relentless ambition, then get ready to meet your next favorite book!

The Eyes of the Leopard – Book Trailer

It is the Stone Age of France; a prehistoric era of giant mammoths, painted caves, and fearsome cave lions. Fleeing starvation in their home territory, thirteen-year-old Sev and his family have been grudgingly accepted into the powerful Bear Clan. Yet as his father climbs the ranks of the mysterious group of shamans known as the Lion Lodge, Sev finds himself questioning the strange beliefs of his adopted band. Determined to unravel the secrets of the Lodge and prove his bravery, Sev accepts a dare to enter the Cave of Lions-a forbidden cavern high on the mountain where the shamans of the Lodge commune with powerful spirits.

When Sev’s trespass is revealed by his rival, Bakar, he is forced to make an impossible choice: join the Lodge or be exiled from the Clan-and exile is a potentially fatal sentence in the Ice Age world. Even joining the Lodge is no guarantee of survival, as their deadly politics are reinforced with dangerous tests of loyalty.

A YA adventure novel set in France during the last Ice Age, The Eyes of the Leopard is inspired by archaeologist and anthropologist Dr. Brian Hayden’s lifetime experience in the field studying prehistoric and ethnographic hunter-gatherer societies. Hayden’s expertise brings realistic depth to this classic coming-of-age story, painting Sev’s life of communal hunts, ritual feasting, and spiritual ceremonies “with the vivacity of a graphic novel” and providing an excellent introduction for young readers interested in archaeology. With art by professional archaeological illustrator Eric Carlson, the novel has been acclaimed by other archaeologists as a successful union of scientific work and storytelling.

Manifest Destiny: An Unholy Alliance

A beautiful princess named Norne with white hair and royal purple eyes is reading a book in a fantastic city on a planet that is half molten rock, half frozen wasteland. She comes from another planet, and she has superhuman capabilities to boot. She is distracted by a giant man who cannot even speak, and she is disgusted by his nakedness and lack of education. They strike up a mental conversation and go meet the king of the planet together, where this giant of a man, who named himself Chaos, takes the throne with a brutal showing of power.

This is a creative epic fantasy novel that utilizes an interesting blend of high science fiction and high fantasy, the latter more reminiscent of Asian martial arts novels than your run of the mill dragons and castles. There are people in this world that have Power, and there are those who don’t. There are many royal families, their kingdoms span across planets and solar systems, and they establish their dominion with their Power.

The book begins with a short history lesson of the world, and a very detailed explanation of the magic system, so readers will know exactly what they are getting themselves into in the first few pages. This also leaves readers with the impression that the backstory and lore of this world is deep and well thought out.

While the worldbuilding is written with a passion I would have enjoyed the story more if the characters dialogue and interactions had the same depth. The action scenes are very detailed and well choreographed, but they can also be extremely violent, since most of the characters either can’t die or it takes a lot to kill them. Reader discretion is advised, but if you enjoy all-out action novels, then author Jaiden Baynes has written a hard hitting story that you will surely enjoy. The magic system, like the worldbuilding, is also thoroughly explained. The world, the history, and the magic that makes it what it is are very well explained and is one reason I really liked this book.

Manifest Destiny: An Unholy Alliance is an action-packed adventure with tons of depth to the world. Fantasy fans looking for a world that was built with purpose and passion will find plenty to enjoy in this lively adventure.

Pages: 513 | ASIN: B0BNBMQBDJ

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