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Coming Alive

Coming Alive is a vibrant and inspiring memoir that follows the author’s spiritual journey, an Italian-American with a deep passion for religion and spirituality. The book is diverse and authentic and details how the author comes to terms with who she is, her sexuality, and how society can be, at most times, closed-minded.

Ierardi’s tone is calm and positive, with clear values and goals. She spends her life looking for the best way to achieve her purpose. The author is determined to never give up, as she conquers many obstacles and difficult situations along her journey. When faced with challenges, Ierardi lets humanity guide her down the right path.

As the author takes the reader through various experiences and situations, she covers many aspects of religion, spirituality, art, astrology, family life, and sexuality. Ierardi delicately but directly discusses how sexual orientation and identity can present a setback where there is a lack of acceptance. However, the author never lets obstacles stand in her way and instead lives valiantly during a time when coming out risks being ostracized by family and community.

I enjoyed the author’s determination and strong spirit, as she presents a clear picture of how she navigates through her family, community, and experiences in life. It’s an immersive story that gives you the holistic view of everything Ierardi goes through and how her journey includes different reactions and experiences as a part of the LGBTQ and feminist communities and movements. Ierardi does an exceptional job of weaving the modern history of social justice and equal rights while searching for a more authentic life.

Coming Alive by Anne Ierardi is an excellent book for anyone from any religion or sexuality. It’s a great read highlighting the personal reward of coming alive while challenging the reader to find their true self and follow an authentic path.

Pages: 241 | ASIN: B09TRZL91W

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