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The Pronghorn Conspiracy

Flash Point in the Texas Panhandle

In the 5th and final book of the Donnie Ray Cuinn series, Donnie finds himself embroiled in a foreign plot against the President of the United States and uncovers a terrorist plan to steal a powerful secret from a nearby nuclear weapons plant. For reasons unknown to Donnie, the terrorists will deal only with him, so he is brought in to work alongside the FBI, Secret Service, and Vice President in an attempt to thwart the intricate scheme. Already at a breaking point in his life, Donnie must do what he can to negotiate the safety of the President, save the communities within range of the nuclear facility, and rescue all those he cares about.

As the crisis unfolds and Donnie struggles to understand why a terrorist leader claims to know him, he finds his relationships in imminent danger. He has to figure out how to move on from the guilt and demons of his past or risk losing his wife, his friends, and himself.

In this action thriller, Boyd Taylor delivers a gripping story filled with political discord and ambition, suspense, and unexpected twists. The Pronghorn Conspiracy is Donnie Ray Cuinn’s last chance to right the wrongs before him and see if he can make it back from the point of no return.

Book Five of the Donnie Ray Cuinn Series
by Boyd Taylor
Coming January 12, 2021

Necessities Book Trailer

Necessities tells the story of David Lewis, a double amputee Iraq War veteran who has taught himself to box and run half-marathons. David is bitter and angry but determined to succeed despite his injury. He has a promising career as a reporter for the Cleveland Post. His life is turned upside down when Cordelia Lehrer, with whom he had a brief fling in college seeks him out. Cory’s father is the publisher of a chain of an ultra right libertarian newspapers. Cory is looking for a newspaper man who can win her father’s approval and father an heir. David buys into the arrangement and finds himself in the middle of dysfunctional family wars and an increasingly difficult marriage, especially after young Tony, the heir, is born.

Coming in November 2017


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