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Bruce Rowe, MD Author Interview

Everything Under the Sun shares your reflections on life, family, and your career as a family physician. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I noticed that in my personal life as well as with my fellow physicians that the practice of medicine was frequently becoming overwhelming and stressful. I became disconnected from the joy of being a family doctor and the deep meaningful therapeutic relationships that I had cultivated with so many wonderful people over the years. By writing this book I felt a rejuvenation in my attitude and a reminder to myself and my medical colleagues that our daily work is incredibly rewarding and impactful to our communities.

Is there anything that you see differently in your life now that you’ve written this book?

As I enter the middle phase of my medical career, I have realized that every person including myself has their own unique life story, replete with joyful and sorrowful moments. No one’s life is ever perfect, free of difficulties. Looking back on my life and career, I embrace what has worked out, while learning and growing from the situations where things didn’t go so well.

What is one thing that you hope readers take away from your book?

I hope that the reader appreciates that my journey of success and failures, interesting medical situations, coupled with my vulnerability and humble beginnings is relatable. Also, that my patients have taught me so much through the years and I am grateful to them for their support and life lessons.

Do you have other writing projects in the works?

I am considering writing a science fiction novel that explores the promise and dangers of genetic editing and engineering. Also, I have numerous other case stories from my medical practice that could comprise an additional book project.

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Family medicine encompasses everything about a person. Through multiple personal experiences and clinical vignettes, Dr. Bruce Rowe shares the special moments that define the life of a family physician. Health care professionals will identify with Dr. Rowe’s journey and the many hats he wears in clinical practice: obstetrician, psychiatrist, geriatrician, internist, pediatrician. Midwesterners and small-town residents will appreciate Dr. Rowe’s rural Iowa upbringing and how it impacts his values and bedside approach to patients. Anyone who enjoys a good read about interesting people, entertaining case histories and how medicine can positively affect families and communities will be enriched by reading this book.

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