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The Genesis 6 Project

The Genesis 6 Project is a fast-paced action spree from author Michael Ferguson. A mix of sci-fi and biblical fiction, the story centers around a United States research team and a newly rediscovered dangerous threat to man: the Nephilim–powerful creatures born of fallen angels who once ruled the earth. Tamir-Benob is one such creature. He is a giant who has lived for thousands of years and dispatched armies of men throughout history. The capture, understanding, and, most importantly, militarization of this being will impact the balance of world power for ages. Different factions come to a head as Tamir-Benob rampages through rural Montana, leaving soldiers and tribal Crow warriors broken in his wake.

Paced exceptionally well, The Genesis 6 Project is a really tight read. The action ramps up early and is pretty much non-stop. The different characters from the rival factions, especially Dr. Kathryn Ryan and Indian Affairs agent Ironhorse Whitman, really stand out. Ferguson does an excellent job of switching perspectives between the hunters and the hunted, and those roles reverse many times throughout the story.

At times the novel really reminds me of Rambo: First Blood, and that’s not a bad thing. But unlike John Rambo, Tamir-Benob is a genuinely menacing villain who has plans to lay biblical waste to mankind. The action is fun, and there is also a delightful amount of cloak-and-dagger intrigue. Different individuals are each vying for the power they believe the Nephelim holds. Seeking to use science to unlock the ancient mysteries of what they believe is the descendant of an actual angel, there is plenty of backstabbing and treachery.

The Genesis 6 Project is a suspenseful Christian thriller that blends seamlessly with science fiction themes. This novel will captive readers looking for an action-packed story that keeps them on edge from the open pages till the exciting end.

Pages: 301 | ASIN : B0BN2NWL4L

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