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Alchemy Using Words

Author Interview
Ruth Nakamura and Anna Griego Author Interview

Crow Moon is a book of poetry with a unique and vivid view of life and nature. What inspires you to write poetry?

Anna Griego: Writing for me is like a form of alchemy using words to evolve, and sypher through experiences and emotions. As a child writing was a form of escapism. Now it is necessary. I studied at the University of New Mexico.

Ruth Nakamura: I grew up surrounded by the natural world in the south valley of Albuquerque. I felt very in tune with creatures and plants, and had an imagination that lent that communion its own mythology. I also watched programs like Wild America and National Geographic with my Grandma Lucille. My mom was an artist and was always pointing out things like sunsets, migrating geese, as well as the concrete elements of the city. Ever since second grade, I loved writing stories and poems. It was my favorite part of school all the way into college at the University of New Mexico.

What was the collaboration process like between Ruth Nakamura and Anna Griego?

Anna Griego: Ruth and I have been collaborating our writing since the college days. We enjoy each other’s growth and evolution.

Ruth Nakamura: Anna and I met each other in college because we are so similar we kept finding ourselves enrolled in many of the same classes, from poetry to Chicano studies courses. From there we discovered we also shared many life experiences, from being single mothers, having drug addicted exes, to finding joy and healing in the writing process. I think at the time we were both beginning our healing journeys, rediscovering ourselves.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in your poetry?

Anna Griego: Healing was an important theme for my section. The idea of molting, Ecdysis of old skin and the growth of new skin. Shedding of past hurts to become something new.

Ruth Nakamura: Just like Anna, the theme of healing is very prevalent in my part of the book, and the healing journey at first becomes a dark and shadowed underworld. I loved the idea of Persephone’s journey below, and back again to the light. All this entwined with the seasons metaphorically correlating with the moods and feelings of the narrator.

Do you plan to publish more works of poetry?

Anna Griego: Yes! Publishing is a very important career move for both of us. You can find me on Facebook under Anna Griego and on Instagram at Dreamingintheyellow as well as Blackberry Bramble Books.

Ruth Nakamura: Yes! There is plenty more to work on. We have another collab coming soon, centered on the landscape of dreams. We decided to kickstart by publishing Crow Moon as an indie book, but we have hopes for publishing traditionally, as well. I have another several manuscripts waiting in the wings for editing and revising. The whole process brings such joy. I can be found on Instagram at veranotaos and at Blackberry Bramble Books.

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A book of poetry by two Chicana women from the southwest U.S. Life in the desert.

Crow Moon

Crow Moon by Ruth Nakamura and Anna Griego is a collection of thought-provoking poetry that gives readers vivid insights into life, mexicana, and nature by taking them on a literary journey. Each poem is descriptive and expresses how nature is apart of our spiritual being. The author’s descriptive stanzas helped me to envision myself in the author’s shoes. These poems are a tour of the beauty found in the world through darkness. Because I digested these poems with two lenses, I was able to read from two perspectives. A part of me fell deep into the poems that touched on womanhood and sorrow. Another part of me lived in the moments on the beautiful days. I loved how the author’s used the crow and the moon in a symbolic form in this collection.

Ruth Nakamura and Anna Griego have created poems that are beautifully written from several creative perspectives. I was delighted that I didn’t get lost in these stanzas because both authors crafted them in a clear direction. I was also able to feel the raw emotions behind these poems.

Although I enjoyed the collection, I felt that the placement of acknowledgments and author bios was at an odd place, but this is a minor issue. Crow Moon is filled with evocative and contemplative poetry that explores nature and humanity through a unique lens.

Pages: 121 | ISBN: 1733793925

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