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Things Can Be Overcome

Author Interview
C.J. Hudson Author Interview

Destiny Lives on Fairhaven Street is a sentimental memoir detailing your eight year preparation to return to the love of your life. Why was this an important book for you to write?

It was important for several reasons, but I think there are two primary ones:

1) The first is my boys, Collin and Maximus. One of my goals throughout my life, from the point of

meeting Danielle to the time after our reunion was to make sure she and my children never had to experience what I went through with abuse. This was accomplished, but I realized as I got older that ending the cycle was only half the battle. Obviously I’m not going to be around forever, and ending the cycle means nothing if the next generation starts it back up after I’m gone. The only way to accomplish that was for them to feel with it was like without it actually happening to them. I had to make it as raw and graphic as I could pull from memory to get the point across so they can see why I made the decisions I made. This is no different with whomever reads it. The shock value drives home the point. But the most important message the book has is that such things can be overcome and the future you’ve always wanted is always possible, even if the road getting there doesn’t go the quite way you thought it would.

2) The second was for Danielle. Even at ten years old, I had found my match. She was my better half who always believed that I would be nothing like my father, so much so that she wanted to marry me when we grew up.

I knew as I was forced away from her that I needed to do something to show her how much I still loved her. It had to be something huge, something most men would never do. So, I decided that I would not date anyone until I was able to get back to her. I wore my half of the half-heart pendant and never took it off for eight years until I was able to return to her. I also broke 100 years (three generations) of abuse for her. It was when I went to Paris that I figured out the best way to show her how much she meant to me was to write a novel about it. My goal was to return, have us get to know each other again over time, and when the time was right to tell her everything…that she had been right about me all along (about not being like my father) and my heart was always hers and hers alone.

The cool thing is that now I can tell her that our story has become an award-winning novel. (which it has already won three…with more to come)

I appreciated how candid you were in the book. What was the hardest thing for you to write about?

It’s difficult to really put a finger on which part was the hardest, because the whole journey was hard. From the abuse, to leaving her and the loneliness that came with the eight years that followed, it was all challenging to paper. I had to re-write the entire novel eight times over four years using only an Iphone, which meant re-living the whole thing over and over…but I did it.

What were some ideas that were important for you to share in this book?

First love never dies. Even if life takes the two of you in different directions, the love you have for each other will always remain, no matter how many years go by.

It’s okay for men to sacrifice for the right woman. It’s okay for them to do something crazy, like willingly sacrifice 1/10 of their life for them just to show them how much they are loved. I’ve met other men both online and in person who were in similar circumstances, but they felt compelled by society to stay quiet because it wasn’t a “manly thing to do”. The manliest thing to do is to love someone and not be ashamed to admit it. That’s something I want my boys to learn.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your story?

Your future is not dictated by your past. The person you are destined to become is the one you choose to be.

BTW, the book launches on New Year’s Eve this year. Thanks!

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Destiny Lives On Fairhaven Street

Used to an environment of violence and lovelessness, a young boy named CJ went about his days in resignment and acceptance that this is the life he will experience until his last breath. In school, he was either bullied or ignored. At home, he and his older brother got beat up by their alcoholic father, and their mother was no exception to the treatment. When CJ’s mother decides to end the marriage, he meets the person who will change the course of his life forever, Danielle. Their blissful three years as friends-to-lovers end when the divorce of CJ’s parents leads him to Michigan, leaving Danielle with only a heart-shaped pendant, and his promise to return. With eight years between his departure and arrival back to the love of his life’s door, CJ recalls his journey and the lessons he learned along the way.

Destiny Lives On Fairhaven Street is a compelling memoir of CJ’s journey from a fragile and abused boy to a strong and empowered man, all through the power of love. The author’s story tells us that we are the masters of our own fate, and no matter what world we live in, we can choose to be different. From the very start of the story, we are immersed into the harsh world the author lived in. CJ was expected to be just like his father by everyone around him, but in the end, he promised firmly to himself that he is going to break the cycle, and with the proper drive, he was able to prove it. It may look like a typical story of perseverance, but understanding CJ’s experiences and seeing how it affected him in the present, his life is very admirable. He saw the good during times of hardships and he was still able to build a life he envisioned.

From the beginning, I found it endearing that he told his story in a narrative manner to his two children, because I felt that it gave the book a conversational feel. Although there are some events that are unimaginable for some readers, such as the abuse, I was able to grasp just how heavy these parts are with the way the author described it. Furthermore, this may not be the first time I read a book that features domestic violence, but the fact that these stories are publicized is crucial in our world today, and every single one of these stories must be heard.

Destiny Lives on Fairhaven Street is a captivating and motivating memoir that will push its readers to believe in three things —love, fate, and hope. I highly recommend this to people who are going through a lot in life and are looking for a sign to continue on, because CJ is living proof that we can be triumphant. I hope this memoir can help readers to accept that we deserve this one thing, no matter how we measure it —happiness, and that we must not be afraid to seek it.

Pages: 258

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