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Jodie’s Secret at Crater Cove – Book Trailer

Twelve-year old Jodie Jackson lives with her father above their boatshed in Serpentine Bay in Sydney. Jodie and her best friend Sarah are targeted at school by a bully. Jodie stands up to her but Sarah suffers from anxiety because of it. Jodie suggests that Sarah tell her parents about her worries.

Jodie misses her mother who has died the year before especially as there is a Mother/Daughter lunch at school. She works at her grandmother’s spiritual shop to earn money for an excursion and invites her grandmother to the lunch.

Jodie sails her little boat around the harbour, exploring islands and bush areas and goes to Crater Cove, where there are old shacks from the depression era that she wants to sketch for art class.

She discovers a homeless girl hiding there and learns that the girl is a vet student studying at university on a scholarship but with nowhere to live.

Jodie sees smoke in the sky and hears the news report about a fire near Crater Cove and worries about the girl. Jodie is unable to contact her father or her grandmother, so she takes her father’s runabout, even though she is unqualified.

Jodie tries to land but the smoke is too thick to see. Her motor dies and she drifts closer and closer to the rocks but the water police appear and start to tow her boat back to safety.

As they tow her away Jodie notices Serena waving for help from the shore and the water police rescue her. They take both girls back to Jodie’s house and her father is very relieved at seeing her, but also cross that she took out the runabout. Serena is invited to stay at Jodie’s house until they sort out her accommodation.

The next day Jodie’s grandmother falls and fractures her ankle and goes to hospital and Jodie is afraid she won’t be able to come to the Mother/Daughter lunch.

Jodie finds that she is missing thirty dollars when she goes to school to pay for the excursion. She confronts Serena who admits that she took it to buy some medicine for an infected cut from an oyster shell. She was planning to replace it later.

Jodie is angry but when she sees Serena’s infected leg, she understands.

Jodie’s Rescue – Book Trailer

Twelve-year-old Jodie Jackson lives with her father above their family boatshed in Serpentine Bay in Sydney Harbour. She attends a new school, where she is faced with bullying and loneliness. She is also feeling grief at the death of her mother the year before. She misses her mother and wonders where she is now.

Her father is consumed by his work and won’t share his emotions with Jodie, so she takes solace in sailing her boat around Sydney Harbour. Her favourite spot is Lighthouse Point where her family used to go for picnics. Her father refuses to go there as it brings up memories, but Jodie likes to feel that she is connecting with her mother.

She makes new friends with Sarah Chan and together they explore the derelict lighthouse and Jodie finds an old photo of a girl. The ranger finds them trespassing and they discover that there are plans for the area to be turned into a marina and a restaurant. Jodie is horrified.

The girls find some dead penguins floating in the water and later Jodie finds a live penguin living under the jetty on a nearby island.

One night her mother appears in her bedroom and takes her with her to Heaven World and shows Jodie what a lovely, beautiful light-filled place it is, and how happy she is being there, and that she is always watching over Jodie. She can’t wait to tell her father about seeing Mum, but he dismisses it as just a dream and walks away.

Jodie is angry and sails her boat out into the Harbour despite the storm warnings. She capsizes but manages to swim to shore and seek shelter in the derelict hall on the nearby island. A girl appears looking for her own mother, and Jodie realises it is the girl in the photo that she found, and Jodie tells her to go towards the light that is shining through the trees.

Her father finally rescues her and is distraught by the thought of losing her. He tells her he loves her and vows to be more open with her and talk about his feelings and their shared loss.

The rangers at Parks and Wildlife investigate the area and discover a new penguin colony living in the bay, and the plans for the lighthouse are shelved.

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