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Enne Baker Author Interview

The White Colossus is a collection of twenty poems covering topics from life to death. What was the inspiration for this collection of poems?

One of the biggest criticisms of my book is that it’s “too dark” and “too much pain,” but ironically, that’s why I wrote it. I wanted to write a poetry collection that was raw and unapologetic about mental health issues but also still appreciates the mundane things like nature and finding meanings in small ways, and trying to find purposes beyond the material, like God, and introspecting the self. These questions usually arise in depressed people, and I find it enlightening to explore.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this collection of poetry?

I would say exploring hope. Without giving spoilers, in the last sentence of the final poem, despite being a fleeting moment, I felt that it was important for the subject of the poem to go through as people who’ve read the book in its entirety could understand why that might be necessary.

When did you start writing poetry, and what made you decide to publish your work now?

What sparked my interest in writing poetry, in general, was when I was a child in elementary school. Every year when we had “poem in your pocket day,” we had to write a poem and fold it into our pocket the whole day, and by the end of the day, we had to share what we’d written in front of the class.

I started seriously writing poetry when I went to college and published my first poem in a college journal. And, then I took it more seriously when I declared to be an English major.

I was twenty-six when I started writing this book and published it when I was twenty-eight last June, and I’m twenty-nine now.

I think what inspired me to write a book like this is knowing that my twenties were coming to an end, and I couldn’t help but try to find some meaning to reflect on my personal experiences through a poetic lens.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’m currently working on another collection of poems, and I’m also working on a novel. I alternate the works whenever my brain needs to shift between the two.

As for a release date, that’s still to be determined. I’m such a perfectionist. It took me two years to write The White Colossus, so maybe in two years? I’ll do my best to get it out sooner, but I’m always writing poems on Medium if one’s interested in reading them.

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The White Colossus evinces nature and cosmic energies, the relationship between gods and humans, the annoying essentials of life, and the exploration of death through chilly imaginations. The twenty poems in The White Colossus make up Baker’s first collection and present refined craftsmanship in their imagery and vast meanings.

The White Colossus

The White Colossus by Enne Baker is an alluring and visionary collection of poems that touch upon subjects like life, death, cosmic energy and nature, and much more. The author provides twenty poems in this collection where he talks about both the beauty of life and peace within death. This fascinating book will take you on a thought-provoking journey, starting with Baker’s thoughts towards death, his belief in love and God, and his acceptance of life.

Author Enne Baker is a powerful writer, and his poems exude emotion. While I was reading the poems, I felt uncomfortable, intrigued, and left in my thoughts. Baker expresses his thoughts and feelings so well that each poem resonated with me, and I wanted to read more. I enjoyed the diversity of the poems because I didn’t know what to expect, which was a nice treat.

Baker’s comparisons of life to objects are made so seamlessly that when you stop to think about what you’ve just read, you realize that the author just compared the mending of a body to that of a car being built. Some poems I found were hard to understand and required me to really think about what the author was saying in the piece. However, these poems did not stop me from continuing to read the collection but rather slow down and ponder my own feelings and thoughts.

Enne Baker’s words paint a vivid picture in the reader’s mind and captivate your thoughts and emotions, making this one book that you will read more than once. The White Colossus is a brilliant collection of poetry that will leave readers better than when they picked up the book.

Pages: 63 | ASIN : B09JBZKWYS

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