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Courts of Law Not Courts of Justice

Courts of Law Not Courts of Justice: Why Justice is Hard to Find in America is an enlightening book about the criminal justice system in the United States and shows how it affects every citizen. This book is written in a straightforward manner, with the author highlighting and stressing the law, how justice is delivered and the impact it has on the average American. Author Eric D. Oberer reveals to the reader undisclosed issues, the role the justice system plays in delivering fair judgment, the level of integrity in the corridors of justice, and how critical persons and parties set the pace for budding legal minds. This is an illuminating book that clearly explains what ails the American justice system, and what can be done to improve the situation.

There are many things that make Courts of Law Not Courts of Justice a fascinating book. The complex rulings the author provides in the book are among the many items that I found fascinating. Readers are given a clear view of what happens in the courtroom, how the jury arrives at such rulings and why a number of rulings are more complex than others. Some of the rulings that I found to be interesting include Massachusetts v. Lizzie Borden, California Vs. O.J. Simpson, and Florida v. Casey Anthony. There are multiple other minor and major cases discussed in the book, all of which provide many lessons. In all these cases the author gives his unprejudiced opinion, and draws attention to crucial aspects of the cases and the rulings.

Many of the topics in this book are matters that are rarely taught in the classroom. The author gives the reader multiple perspectives, and allows the reader to choose for themselves what they deem is the ideal approach. Eric D. Oberer tackles theories that are not taught in academia, compares them to real life situations and engages the reader while doing it. Apart from learning about disparities in justice, the reader gets a feel of how magistrates, attorneys, and the entire legal framework operates.

Courts of Law Not Courts of Justice will open your mind and get you interested in the criminal justice system. Reading about law and justice has never been more intriguing. The author uses layman language and gives sensible explanations to his opinions. Courts of Law Not Courts of Justice is an informative read that I recommend to readers that are enthusiastic about the law and anyone looking for civic education.

Pages: 188 | ISBN: 1639887687

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