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Freeman Explains!

The title of this fascinating book instantly grabs readers, Freeman Explains:  The Things That Can Change, That Should Change. This is because the content in the book is literally what the title states. The author Dr. Michael J. Freeman is direct and gives readers exactly what the title promises. This book summarizes what happens in society and what is wrong with people’s approach regarding pertinent issues. Freeman is intentional and weighs on issues before offering a solution. The author examines the problem, digs down to the root, and analyzes every aspect of the issue before giving his final take.

There are multiple issues discussed in the book, but there is one particular topic that I am grateful for the most; Kids and pornography. This is a sensitive subject to some and is even outlawed in certain cultures. In Freeman’s book, however, the reader is given a clear perspective on the harm pornography causes to young minds. Freeman writes about the harm of pornography and how the internet, despite making life easier, is causing tremendous damage as anyone can access whichever content they please. The author hopes that internet pornography can be regulated. He even offers strategic solutions to this problem, giving rational answers to anyone with questions.

Other than pornography, Freeman also tackles more than a dozen other topics. Like the title suggests, Freeman explains things you need to know as a human being and a citizen of the world. Contemporary issues need modern solutions, and the author is here to do just that, offer sensible and logical solutions. I also enjoyed reading about drug problems, healthcare, politics and policymaking, medicine, religion, marriage, sex, education, voting rights, and civic education. Readers will get a discussion on almost all topics law-makers debate about.

What I like most about the author is his passion for children and young people. One can see the genuine concern he has through his text. He will share with you why children need to be protected and how every responsible adult can do it. Two of my favorite texts in the book are ‘Without perspective, you know nothing’ and ‘you don’t know what you don’t know.’ Both phases are in reference to children or young minds. On issues like pornography, children may not be able to know what is good for them and what is not because they are yet to see or experience what adults already have. Simply put, they lack perspective and thus don’t know anything.

Dr. Michael J. Freeman and his work are the true definition of ‘with age comes wisdom.’ The author, having experienced an eventful life, understands what ails society and knows what should be encouraged. Reading his thoughts was refreshing, as one can tell that the author is not influenced by modern trends. Freeman openly shared his takes and explained in detail his views. This thought-provoking book is perfect for those interested in how the modern world is shaping children and their futures.

Pages: 213 | ASIN : B0BLXW5PMH

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