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Galleon Moon: Puzzle Book

Galleon Moon: Puzzle Book by [Frank Schroeder]

Galleon Moon: Puzzle Book is a collection of imaginative poetry that follow a journey through sea and land throughout different points in history, from the 14th century in the sea to the tale of a dog reunited with its bone underground. Hidden in almost every poem is a message. If one pays close attention to the first letter of each line that is capitalized and follows it down to the next capitalized letter it will eventually spell out a word. This adds a fantastic layer of interactivity within the book that is unlike any other poetry book that I have read. It is a puzzle book as well as a poetry book and the level of engagement it offers is intellectually invigorating.

The poems range in topic, covering animals in the sea and their lifespan and lifestyle to personal reflections on happiness. Although there are hidden phrases and words throughout the poems I would have liked to have seen a variety of puzzles used to change things up. The poems are untitled, and left to the reader to name them, which makes this collection of poetry more personal to the reader and engages the imagination. The writing and prose themselves were really beautiful and entertaining to read. One of my favorite poems has to be the one that is from the perspective of a dog who is speaking to its owner about being unable to run in the sun anymore but being appreciative of all fond memories.

Galleon Moon: Puzzle Book is a fun and engaging collection of poetry that is filled with hidden treasure and thought-provoking poems.

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