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A Sense Of Creativity

Author Interview
Ken Jackson Author Interview

Guitar provides clear instruction and advice so readers can learn how to play the guitar and have fun doing it. Why was this an important book for you to write?

Yes, it was. What inspired me was the harmonics of the half-way points of the string tensions.

What is a common hurdle new guitar players face and how can they overcome it?

Trying to practice songs from books. But if you get the songs down and listen to yourself sound like someone else, it makes you think (big deal). Now, that’s getting ahead of yourself.

What is one piece of advice you would give to any aspiring guitarist?

Keep your guitar tuned. It really makes a difference.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

A sense of creativity.

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This monograph is for all you guitar players and for people who would like to play guitar. If you would just like to play guitar, it would be best for you to pay a professional teacher. This manual is intended to help you study guitar and learn about scales, chords, and the structure of songs. Diagrams are included to help you along. This work is just a basic pedagogy. It provides variety so you can really enjoy swinging guitar with enthusiasm.


Guitar is the perfect book for you if you are looking to learn about the guitar. By reading this book you not only learn how to play the guitar but you also get to know the different parts of the musical instrument. Ken Jackson also shows readers how to hold the guitar, clean it, along with safekeeping instructions. Learning about the guitar is an interesting and fascinating experience. Like the author puts it, ‘there is more to just playing the guitar’. Clicking on the strings, knowing which fingers to use and which notes to hit best.

The best way to learn any instruments is by looking at the illustrations that accompany the text. There are plenty of images and illustrations that guide you as a reader when you are reading Guitar, and I liked how clear the images were. The reading experience is pleasant because one can easily understand which part of the guitar the author is talking about.

A few pages in one can already feel the love the author has for the guitar. Ken Jackson is passionate when he writes, and this translates to the amazing work he shares with everyone. The author reminds every guitar player, whether a rookie or expert, that there is nothing as soothing as having your instrument and playing any song you want. Owning a guitar is a wonderful thing. By knowing how to play the guitar, you can make a hobby out of it, play it for entertainment or even make some extra cash out of your skill. Ken Jackson’s book will help you realize that learning to play the guitar is not as complicated as some people may assume. All it takes is patience, concentration and passion.

I learned plenty of musical terminologies from the book. Learning the musical jargon and learning new phrases felt powerful. Ken Jackson did an incredible job introducing those that are not familiar with the terminologies. What I also enjoyed was how the author explained and defined the music terms in simple but comprehensive ways. This book is easy to comprehend as the author does not use complex expressions or images. I loved the surprise songs in the book. The author included tens of songs, and showed the reader how to play each of them. Singing the songs and practicing with the notes shared looks like a fun activity both for expert players and newbies.

Guitar by Ken Jackson has great vibes and cheers one up. This book is an exceptional starting point for anyone wanting to learn guitar as it is filled with practical advice and easy to understand instructions that will help level up your guitar skills.

Pages: 414 : ASIN : B08KWPFR5H

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