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Harrison Waits

Harrison Waits follows a boy who is waiting. Who is he waiting for? You’ll have to wait and see. This book will help children understand the sometimes nebulous idea of waiting. What are you supposed to do while you wait? Just sit there? No way! Author Missy Hagen, teaches children how taking up different activities can help the time go by.

Harrison Waits is quite simply the cutest book I have read in quite some time. Each page has a cute picture, illustrated in a soft color scheme, that is reminiscent of the classic cartoons in newspapers. I know that I have told my young child plenty of times to ‘wait’, and I just expected them to know what I was talking about. This book gives parents and care givers the perfect opportunity, and resource, to talk about the idea of waiting. It also helps give children the tools they’ll need to wait, by showing them different activates they could be doing while waiting.

Author Missy Hagen has written a wonderfully charming book, with rhymes and cute images, that will keep children’s attention and educate them as well. This is perfect for parents or teachers that are caring for young children that find themselves waiting.

Pages: 30 | ISBN: 0988904888

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