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The opening lines of ‘I DON’T WANT TO GO’ by Ron Weinkauf feel like a thoughtful, nostalgic conversation with a much wiser loved one, reminiscing about the good and bad tales of their younger life. Weinkauf, however, is speaking to a more serious subject that lingers behind the contemplative and informative memories of life. A tribute to the life of Weinkauf’s best friend of almost 70 years, there is an uncanny urge to reach for a hot chocolate that will tingle through the reader’s fingers. It feels like a deeply personal read with a purpose.

Throughout the book’s thirty-five chapters, Weinkauf anecdotally describes how his world, and life, changed after World War II, the advancement of technology, and adopting more of an analytical eye to various religions, faiths, and philosophies. He assesses the similarities and differences of what people expect of the afterlife and how he experienced a close brush with death as a child. The author’s personal relationship with mortality and seeing others impacted by it affected his outlook on life.

One of the chapters I found most engaging, and fun to read, was Reincarnation, Zombies, NDEs, and Astrology. Weinkauf brilliantly weaves emotional passages and concerns with classy humor, keeping the reader entertained about the simple and funny things that happen in life and ignoring the confusing manner of an afterlife and what that might entail. He wants you to embrace everything you can in life and rejoice, even if it’s watching dozens of bad, unconvincing zombie films released since 1932.

I DON’T WANT TO GO is a refreshing take on the question, “what happens after we die?” It’s an inclusive and thoughtful approach to various spiritual theories and how pop culture icons, films, and philosophy impact our views. It’s a must-read for anyone who questions life after death and for people seeking a broader perspective on this topic.

Pages: 230 | ASIN: B0BB5NJHHR

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