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Forever Eve

Forever Eve by JB Lexington is a thrilling romance novel that follows a woman named Izabel Jones Carmichael. Her wedding day should have been the happiest day of her life, but the problems in her relationship with Bo Carmichael started long before then, and only get worse after they married. When Izabel’s friend, Natalie, convinces her to go to Past Life Regression therapy, she experiences the past life of a woman named Eve, who worked as a prostitute during prohibition and fell in love with one of her regulars, Charlie Rudolph. When Izabel meets a man that looks like Charlie, they feel an undeniable connection. Are Izabel and Henry destined to be together?

This book captivated me from the very beginning with an intriguing opening that left me eager to uncover what happened on Izabel’s wedding day. To my surprise, the outcome was different from what I had anticipated. One of my favorite moments in the book was when Izabel’s friend, Natalie, commented, “Izabel Jones, aren’t you a vision of the oppression of women…”. This line resonated with me as the author had skillfully conveyed this impression to me in just a few pages, and I found myself agreeing with Natalie’s assessment, despite the harsh timing of her comment. Natalie quickly became my favorite character with her quirky, outspoken personality and snarky humor that had me chuckling throughout the story.

The plot of this impassioned romance novel is gripping. I found Izabel’s husband, Bo, to be an unsympathetic character. The author does a fantastic job of emotionally investing the reader in Izabel because I have some strong opinions about Bo that sound negative but that’s just because the author draws his character so well and it’s easy for readers to get fired up. It was hard to understand why she chose to marry him, especially considering the abusive behavior he displayed prior to their wedding. There are scenes of abuse and rape that some readers may find triggering, but they are integral to the story.

The middle section of the book took on a more methodical pace as it delved into Eve’s past experiences. I found myself deeply immersed in the flashbacks. These scenes provided valuable background information and provided the reader with a greater understanding of what Eve had endured in her past. It was heartening to see the story end on a hopeful note for her after everything she had been through.

I wholeheartedly recommend this stirring romance book to readers who seek a captivating and emotional tale of hope, romance, and self-discovery. The protagonist’s journey toward finding her strength and happiness is compelling and inspiring, making this a highly recommended read.

Pages: 208 | ASIN: B087FY9PS1

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