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The Best Things In Life Are Shared

Joan Enockson Author Interview

Lemonade Lilli follows a little girl as she pursues her entrepreneurial dreams of starting a lemonade stand and becomes business savvy in the process. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

Lemonade Lilli was an idea I had put in the back of my mind until my father passed away (September, 2021). It then became a labor of love to remember and memorialize memories I had while growing up on his dairy farm. The setting of Lemonade Lilli takes place on that farm in Mount Vernon, WA.

My grandfather was also a big part of what I loved most about the farm. Following him or my father was decidedly what I looked forward to most days. The illustrations of the front porch, shop, and barn were inspired from family photos taken back in the 1970’s.

Lilli is a wonderful character that I loved following. What were some driving ideals behind her character’s development?

The only advice I have taken about writing, since I started this journey, has been ‘write what you know’. I knew this farm, the tractor dealership down the road, having neighborhood friends, and hours of watching my father and grandfather work.

Even though I grew up in a middle-class family, we were taught to work for what we wanted. My siblings and I worked many jobs as well as chores to earn the money for what we wanted. The first major purchase I made as a kid was a brand new, lime-green, 10-speed bicycle.

The character of Lilli was indeed developed from my memories of my childhood. Even though I never ran my own lemonade stand, I always participated in fundraisers and loved sales. I also remember, acutely, the feeling of wanting the rewards for my efforts much sooner than was realized.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Financial Literacy was the main theme. As an educator, mom, and a member of society, I have seen a large deficit in our younger population’s ability to make wise decisions about money. Simple skills such as counting change or saving money for the future are not skills many middle school children have.

I also wanted to highlight how important healthy family relationships are to the success of children. Children also need support from friends and members of the community to give them the best opportunity to succeed in life. Overall, I wanted to show what that kind of support looks like, since many children have never experienced it on all levels.

What is one piece of advice you would give to a child who wants to start their own business?

My advice would be to recruit at least one trusted adult and a few loyal siblings and/or friends to help you plan, fund, and execute your project for its optimal success. The best things in life are shared.

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Lilli wants to earn money! With the help of her grandparents, neighborhood friends, and her older brother, Lilli learns the value of hard work, support, and sound business practices to create a successful lemonade stand business.
May you be as successful as Lilli!

Lemonade Lilli

Little Lilli loves spending time with her friends and family at her grandparents’ farm. One fine summer day, Lilli embarks on a quest to make some money. The problem is, Lilli isn’t sure how to do it. With the help of her loving grandparents, big brother, and friends and neighbors from all over town, Lilli begins the first business attempt of her very own as Lemonade Lilli!

Lemonade Lilli by Joan Enockson is a charming tale about friendship, family, and building a small business. Featuring sound business and marketing advice that even older readers can greatly benefit from, Lemonade Lilli shows the process of bringing a dream into focus as a realistic and attainable goal. Terminology such as ‘bottom line’ and ‘profit’ are well explained for a young audience, without any form of condescension whatsoever.

Following the adventure of Lilli and her support group, readers new and experienced can see both the effort and the reward involved in bringing a business to life. I loved Lilli’s interactions with her family, her dear grandfather bringing a nostalgic tear to my eye as he reminded me of my own. The balance of hard work and altruistic assistance, as well as advice on how to properly manage money, are important lessons for readers of all ages that Lemonade Lilli gently shares.

This is a lovely story of a girl, a dream, and the friends willing to help her realize it. Endearing illustrations, memorable characters, and delightful storytelling make this heartfelt entrepreneurial tale a true treasure for any library. Perfectly suitable for ages seven and up, Lemonade Lilli is certain to warm your heart and enrich your mind as dreams blossom into reality on a beautiful summer’s day on the farm.

Pages: 80 | ISBN: 195802306X

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