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Interviewing a Regular Joe

Interviewing a Regular Joe is a conversation between two people; Gabrielle and a character named David. Gabrielle asks an array of questions while David gives his authentic responses. I enjoyed reading through the questions and answers as the interviewer posed questions on different subjects. The two talk about religion, politics, the environment, work, music, death, education, friendships, family, and many others. At first, readers have no idea where the interviewer is going with the questions, but we soon get in the flow after a couple pages. Gabrielle is a fantastic interviewer and it shows through the questions that are asked of David. The interviewer is able to then provide follow-up questions to ask to keep the conversation running smoothly.

Author John Rose wrote this book for readers who enjoy one-on-one conversations and meaningful discussions. David’s answers show readers that each of us has an individual preference and view on life. David’s mind is fascinating, to say the least. How he answered questions, the words he used, and how he thinks is admirable. You do not have to subscribe to some of his beliefs, but you can admire his logic when challenged with life’s situations.

Interviewing a Regular Joe would be a good reference book for young readers that have ambitions in the mass communication career path. Gabrielle’s approach as an interviewer is fascinating. He shows how to ask questions that are hard while not crossing boundaries, and how to guide the discussions even with viewpoints that the interviewer may not agree with. This is an important skill to have in communications.

This interesting book’s style is conversational. It is just an easy-flowing and easy-to-follow conversation. The author does not give in-depth background information at the start of the book, but that does not make the characters less interesting. On the contrary, you learn more about them as you read on, which is exciting as it gives one the impression of solving a mystery.

Interviewing a Regular Joe is a religious and spiritual novel told through an intriguing interview with an anonymous man. Filled with religious and historical facts, this novel will entertain readers of historical or religious fiction.

Pages: 131 | ASIN : B0915LSMSY

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