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How Far They Would Go

Author Interview
David Gaston Author Interview

Lure Of The Praying Mantis follows two detectives that are trying to solve the mystery of multiple murders while the villain uses men for her own purposes. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

Having met some manipulative women I did begin to wonder how far they would go to get what they wanted. Most just wanted to play games to prove their superiority, and whilst no one died I did wonder whether any of them would have gone that far.

What was your inspiration for the character’s interactions and backstories?

Buchan’s character was a hard working police officer who ended up divorced because his wife struggled to accept his hard working attitude. This meant that Buchan ended up in a lonely existence but wanted a relationship but did not want another one like he had had with his ex-wife. This caused him some inner turmoil. Daye on the other hand had put her career ahead of a personal relationship which did cause her feelings of loneliness. This resulted in a mutual need which was slow to manifest itself because of inner doubts which they both had.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

How would the two detectives work together whilst hiding their feelings from each other.

What kind of research did you do for this novel to ensure you captured the essence of the story’s theme?

This was a journey of personal experience which I had extended on.

Lure of The Praying Mantis

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Lure Of The Praying Mantis by David Gaston is a crime novel that pits devious minds against the police of one small town. One such mind is Anne-Marie De Wynter, who uses her wiles to get men to do what she wants, even if it involves murder.

It’s a murder done by one of Mynter’s enamored men that puts Detective Inspector James Buchan and Detective Sergeant Daye Durham on the trail. Also on their understaffed police force’s plate is a four-year-old cold case that has been reopened when it appears the perpetrator is back in business. So can our detectives handle these cunning criminals before more people fall victim to them?

We have some excellent villains to give our heroes a run for their money. Anne-Marie is a woman you can’t help but hate but want to know more about her. We also have a mystery culprit whose heinous acts have you loathing but curious about them. Both these people really have you rooting for the detectives. The detectives are a true tag team. Despite one being the superior officer, they are both equals. They use their logic to develop theories and solutions in these cases. They equally contribute to this partnership.

There’s even a little hint of romance, not a significant element, but enough that you hope it blooms into something, maybe in another book. I enjoyed the author’s descriptions in the story as you really feel the monotony of the detective’s lives. I feel that there was an overusing of full names at the beginning when you could just use a first or last name after their initial introduction. This was also the case with titles. It felt like they were used too much early in the book when just the name could do. There are some parts where the scenes switch, and there is no indication that it will happen; some readers may find this momentarily confusing. However, the plotline is strong, and the author’s writing style is engaging.

Lure of the Praying Mantis is an exhilarating mystery novel. Readers who love crime-solving thrillers will not be disappointed. The suspense and action keep the story moving, and the strong character personalities keep readers entertained.

Pages: 205

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