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The Cure For Onlyness

Life is hard enough to sail through without the pressures of society. It is difficult enough to establish oneself and be successful without unnecessary stereotyping from people all over the place. The Cure for Onlyness is a guide for muting the negative voices and only letting the beneficial ones seep through. It is about being happy and existing on your own terms without input from people of no consequence to you. At a time when discrimination and profiling are still rampant, this book is very relevant and helps readers break the chains of societal expectations for the sake of one’s happiness and success.

Besides being relevant, The Cure For Onlyness: A Black Man’s Guide To Joy, Passion & Purpose is very useful. It provides an analysis of our modern society as well as how it is being handled vs. how it should be handled. It is an all-inclusive lesson on how to really live and meet your full potential. The book is colored with personal experiences. The narration of the book is casual and feels like the life coach Michael Taylor is talking directly to the reader. This kind of writing makes the subject matter engaging and much more fun to read.

One of the things that really stood out to me about this book is the author’s stance on positivity. While he admits to being a big believer in it, he also concedes that positivity can be double-edged. On the one hand, you should always be positive. On the other, positivity can be used by a person to mask some issues from the past. Issues that may stand in the way of a bright future. In this case, the author advises one to be honest with themselves and deal with the past. This actually does make quite a bit of sense. At first, it may feel controversial but then the argument provided is a sober one. Sober is a good adjective to apply to the whole book. It is all wisdom. Sober wisdom, so to speak.

You should expect this book to open your eyes to truths you may have not seen before. Truths you may have neglected to see. It will open your eyes to your potential and how you have been letting society get in your way. Everyone has a quality that puts them in a societal box. A box that comes with expectations. Expectations that prevent a fully blossomed self. Although The Cure For Onlyness is geared toward black males, I feel like anyone can learn from this enlightening book.

Pages: 192 | ISBN: 0996948791

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