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My Personal Escapist Vessel

Dorian Keys
Dorian Keys Author Interview

Morning Star is a collection of short science fiction stories that are connected through a central theme. What was the inspiration behind this collection of stories?

Inception for Morning Star began sometime late 2019. I was waiting for the first round of the sequel to Imprint Legacy to finish while engaging fellow authors on social media. Very often, Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) images were posted there, and I soon found out that I had a story for most of them. Initially, all of them were short, about fifty words or so, and I decided to post a few stories on my website.

After the eighth or ninth story came about, I decided to line them up and put them in a collection.

The stories are not connected, therefore I had to get creative and come up with a narration device to glue them together. I loosely drew inspiration from some books I read when I was a child, mainly One Thousand and One Nights.

Were these stories written separately over time or were they written for this book?

There are a couple of stories there that were not written for this book but I felt they would fit nicely there. ‘The Missing 32’ is a side story for the Imprint Legacy book and sequel, for example. Pretty much all the other stories were written, edited and inserted in the book during the global pandemic of 2020.

You could say that Morning Star is my personal escapist vessel. And all readers are welcome to jump in. I have many more stories to tell.

My favorite story from the collection was The Experiment. Do you have a favorite story from the book?

I wrote all those stories, I love all of them equally, however two of them evolved quite a lot. One of them is ‘I.R.I.S.’ the other is ‘Hansel.’

My goal was to try and write a story for everyone. It is quite interesting to hear favorite reader stories. So far, every reader has a different story they enjoy.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Having finally released Morning Star, I can now resume with round two of the sequel of Imprint Legacy.

The sequel is now at almost 70 thousand word mark. However more refining is needed. I would like to release it sometime before April 2021.

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Let me tell you a story that will tell you twelve.

Upon arrival at its designated planet, Helsey 8K, Seedship Morning Star suffers a catastrophic accident. An asteroid rips through its cockpit’s bridge connector, killing 2 and stranding Captain Irene Deris within.

Irene’s best way to remain calm and collected throughout the ordeal of her rescue and beyond: a book, written by ship’s first pilot, Adam.

She is eventually recovered by her crew, but even though that part of her journey is over, she finds herself compelled to keep reading.

Her intrigue is piqued by stories about mechas starting a new universe, in a new dimension. Artificial intelligence will deceive alien invaders to save her human love. A teddy bear will save a child’s life and a demon will roam the Earth.

Stunningly questionable decisions will turn experiments into nightmares, authorities will be duped by mysterious abductors and broken hearts will get their revenge.

Read together with Irene as she saves the Morning Star and prepares to begin a whole new life.
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