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From Home to Day-Care

Ashika Singh
Ashika Singh Author Interview

Mummy Don’t Go helps children deal with their separation anxiety through a fun and educational story. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

I have been an Early Childhood Teacher for nearly 15 years, and I have seen so many children go through this stage. Separation anxiety can be very challenging for the child, parent as well as the teachers. I understand how vulnerable these children feel, coming into a place where they don’t know anyone. They go through all sorts of emotions; fear of being left behind, desperation, vulnerability.

It takes some time to bond with these children to help them feel safe, comfortable, and connected with the day-care environment. Reading a story to a child when they are upset has always been my favourite way to connect with a child. It allows me to initiate conversations and engage children in those conversations.

This is where the inspiration for this book came from. I wanted to be able to read a book to a child, where the character was of the same age, in the same situation and going through the same emotions. I wanted to be able to use this book to demonstrate that day-care is not a scary place, but a place filled with lots of interesting things to do, a place to form friendships and try new things. And that it is a place where they will be well taken care of and loved.

I also wanted the parents to be able to share the same message with their children at home. You know, read this book as a great bedtime story where they could talk about day-care in preparation and anticipation for the next day-care day. I wanted to give them away to build a bridge from home to day-care.

What is the hardest thing children face when going to daycare for the first time and how can parents help overcome it?

The hardest thing children face is the fear of not knowing anyone, the unfamiliar environment and not really knowing what to expect next.

It helps not just the child but the parents and teachers as well when there is a bit of preparation ahead of the first day. When children know what to expect, whom they can go to for help, what their routine will be like, it helps them feel a bit more confident.

It helps when parents are organised and know how to handle their child’s anxiety. I also wrote “Defeat Day-care Drop off Dramas with 3 New Habits” especially for parents with tips and strategies on how they can support their child with separation anxiety. When “Defeat Day-care Drop off Dramas with 3 New Habits” is used in conjunction with “Mummy Don’t Go!” It can be a powerful tool in understanding the root of this anxiety and how to overcome them using simple and practical steps.

What were some ideas that were important for you to share in this book?

It was important for me to share that children are little human beings with emotions and feelings. We need to help them not only express these feelings but also acknowledge what they are feeling. It is super important to help children feel safe, and parents and teachers can absolutely help children feel that by having a good communication system.

I think that Early Childhood educators play a vital role in a child’s learning, development, and wellbeing and so it was important for me to share the value of their work, how they go far and beyond for each child in their care and how it all makes a huge difference in a child’s wellbeing.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I am now working on another children’s book based on why a routine for children is important for their self-regulation. This book will again be set in a day-care environment with the same characters, Lucy, and Todd the frog. I am hoping to have this book published by early next year.

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Mummy Don’t Go!! Is a book about Lucy, who is very worried about being left at daycare while mummy goes to work. Mummy loves Lucy and looks after her every need when she is at home, but who will do that at daycare?

Read this book to explore how:When parents show trust in educators, children learn to trust and connect with their educators too.
Educators know and anticipate all of children’s needs and are ready to support and comfort children.

When Mummy leaves Lucy, she is distraught but with Miss Sheeka’s gentle care, Lucy is able to get her emotions under control and enjoy her day with her friends, so much so that she is very excited to show mummy everything at the end of the day.

Read this book together with your child to:Talk about the reason for their anxiety
Help your child understand that they will be looked after well at daycare
Get them excited about all the things they can do at daycare that may not be possible at home.
Get them excited about meeting with and playing with their friends, so that they are looking forward to a day at daycare.

But Wait………..Lucy also has a secret!!
She hides Todd, her pet frog in her pocket to take to daycare with her, where Todd has his own adventures!!
Lucy does her best to keep him hidden, but Todd is…. oh … daring!

Your child will love Todd the frog! He is mischievous, daring but also cares a lot for Lucy.
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