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My Secret to Keep – Trailer

My Secret to Keep is the second installment in the Secret Chronicles Series. The saga continues to follow the tumultuous lives of the Devereux, Marchand, and Jean-Baptiste families who the author first introduced in the novel Secrets on Tobacco Road. The story picks up in Canada where John Devereux and the now widowed, Marie (Jean-Baptiste) Childress, are living with their twin sons and trying to maintain a whole new host of secrets. Still passing for White, John struggles to keep the secret of his racial identity from society; and his paternal identity from his sons John, Jr, and TJ. How do you tell your children that something as crucial as their origin and their status, the very thing they thought was absolute and unchanging, was a lie? How could he tell John, Jr that his mother was not a wealthy White socialite, but the former slave who served her? How could he inform TJ that his father was a not an honored Black war hero who died in battle, but the man for whom his mother worked? Maintaining these secrets are challenging enough for John and Marie, but when John’s estranged wife Helena Marchand Devereux comes to town with a renewed thirst for vengeance, John and Marie find that not even Canada can provide a safe haven from a woman scorned.

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